Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=1327 (Invalid Drive Letter)

Learn ways to fix the frustrating QuickBooks error code C=1327.

The Error code 1327 is one of many invalid drive letter QB issues. With the help of this article, learn how to fix this issue, apart from knowing its causes. Also, QuickBooks error code 1327 shows up while installing the QuickBooks Desktop. Hence, we will learn if we can repair the installation process as well.

QuickBooks is a well-known accounting and bookkeeping software. It has helped millions of businesses achieve higher efficiency from easy-to-use features. It has automated the generation of financial statements and other monitoring data, making it easy for users to spend more time on core issues. However, it has many bugs as well, known as QuickBooks Errors. Today, we will be dealing with the QuickBooks error 1327.

What Do We Mean By QuickBooks error code 1327?

The QuickBooks error code 1327 is nothing but an installation issue. Otherwise, it also comes with an error message stating that the user’s driver is either not installed or has an invalid driver letter problem. Also, whenever the user is installing QB software, they will face this problem.

QuickBooks Error C=1327

We mentioned that we fix QuickBooks error 1327 when the problem is in the drive. In this context, drives are partitions of the system’s memory. All the files and folders are stored here. In default settings, all these files get stored on the C drive of the system. Apart from that, the installed programs/ components also get stored in the list of drives.

Why Does The QuickBooks Error 1327 Occur?

  1. Firstly, the issue shows up when the storage device of the QB user is either corrupt or has a loose connection.
  2. Apart from that, integral windows components such as NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ are corrupt.
  3. Lastly, if the windows registry has invalid entries, or has an improper configuration, this issue will surely show up.
  4. The windows/ QuickBooks/ files/ folders might be under a malware attack. Otherwise, the antivirus has considered QuickBooks a threat and has restricted its functioning.

Resolving the Issue: How to Fix the QuickBooks error code 1327?

As we discussed earlier, there are various reasons for QuickBooks error code 1327 to show up. Hence, we present you with different ways of fixing the issue effectively. Read all the steps carefully before their implementation.

Sol 1: Delete The Drive For Network

  • Whenever there is a corrupt storage device, we delete the drive to avoid further issues. The error can also show up if the storage devices are moved.
  • Firstly, the user has to go to the Start tab. After that, go to the start option. After that, opt for the programs option.
  • Now, go to the windows explorer tab–> Network Drive–> Click OK.
  • Thereafter, the go-to tool menu–>Map Network Drive
Erase Network Drive
  • Finally, the user has to uncheck the shell folder. Now, reconnect, login, and note down the path required.
  • Lastly, click OK, end the complete process, and reboot your device.
  • Also, reinstall the QuickBooks Application to check if the issue is resolved or not.

Sol 2: Changing Configuration Of the Registry

  • When the Windows Registry settings aren’t right, this issue may show up. Hence, we will repair the registry through manual efforts.
  • Firstly, prepare a backup on the registry of the system drive.
  • After that, press the Windows+R keys together. Now, the user needs to type Regedit and click the run tab.
Type Regedit on Run Box
  • Now, follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders.
Repair the QuickBooks Registry Files
  • Here, look for the entries with the drive letter in the message.
  • Now, repair the incorrect drives with C:\.
  • Finally, the user has to end the process.
  • After that, reboot the system and initiate software installation again. Finally, go back to the registry and return the changes to their previous state.

Sol 3: Re-configure The NET Framework

  • Firstly, go to the control panel–> programs–> turn windows features on/ off.
Turn Windows Features On and Off
  • Here, confirm these changes by filling in the admin credentials.
  • After that, uncheck the NET Framework checkbox.
Repair Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Now, reboot your system. After that, open the programs, follow these steps again, and uncheck the NET Framework box.

Sol 4: Create A New User/ Install Windows

If the windows are not updated, we can fix the error by updating them. Otherwise, we can create another windows user, when there are some issues with the existing user.

For Window 7/ 8 Users

  • Firstly, go to start–> control panel. There are many other ways to reach the control panel of your system.
  • After that, choose the user accounts. Also, choose another account for managing. Now, make another account and assign it a name.
  • Finally, choose the admin tab, and click the option to create an account.
  • Lastly, restart your system with admin rights.

For Windows 10

  • If the user has Windows 10, they can go to start–> settings–> accounts and select family and other people.
Add New Windows admin user
  • After that, the user needs to click add someone option.
  • Finally, the user may enter details such as a new password, name, and hints.
  • Save the settings and restart the system. 

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you to get rid of this problem. But if you are still facing any issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with Certified Experts at +1-860-325-4922. The USA-based ProAdvisors will provide all sorts of assistance related to the software 24/7.