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QuickBooks Error 1712 is an installation error during QuickBooks Desktop installation on Windows computers. It may be caused by missing Windows components or an installation in a corrupted folder. This error can also occur after installing or uninstalling programs requiring a reboot, especially if specific QuickBooks processes run in the background.

QuickBooks Error 1712 - when installing QuickBooks for Desktop - What is - Causes - Symptoms - Solutions

Quick Solutions to QuickBooks Error 1712

  • Make sure to close all the processes in the task manager.
  • Track the application data in the registry.
  • Use QuickBooks tools hub program.
  • If required try to Reinstall QuickBooks desktop
  • Provide Admin Rights to the QuickBooks software.
  • Update the Windows to the latest edition

How to Avoid QuickBooks Error 1712

  • Keep Your QuickBooks Desktop Software Upto Date
  • Always have a backup of QuickBooks Important files.
  • Always use authentic sources to download and install any program to your Windows computer.
  • Make sure to regularly scan your Windows computer for any malicious programs.
  • Remove All The Temporary and unwanted Files from Windows and your QuickBooks Software.
  • Make sure Your Windows is compatible with your QuickBooks Software.

QuickBooks has become a massive help for small and medium-sized businesses everywhere. Thanks to its useful features such as order tracking, creating invoices, and more, it has helped businesses prosper where ever they are- as long as they’re connected to the internet. However, even though it is quite useful, sometimes it experiences errors such as the QuickBooks error 1712. Error 1712 when installing QuickBooks for desktop occurs because of various reasons. You can find out more about them below.

Why Does the QuickBooks Installation Error 1712 Occur?

As we’ve mentioned, many people encounter error 1712 when installing Intuit. The main reason behind this is downloading damaged files that the QuickBooks software is unable to repair or recognize. Another reason behind the QuickBooks installation error 1712 may be changes made to the QuickBooks Software itself. This often happens when your operating system or the Intuit software updates itself, causing previous settings to reset themselves. In this case, you’ll have to make the changes manually so that QuickBooks can start working normally as it should.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Install Error 1712

Now, depending on the reason behind the QuickBooks Install Error 1712, you can follow this approach in order to fix the software. Here’s how you will do that.

Total Time: 12 minutes

Step #1

You will start by restarting your device. Be sure that you’ve closed the QuickBooks software before you restart, or you may face issues during this process.

Step #2

Once you have restarted your computer, you will open run by pressing the Windows and R keys together, or by typing “Run” in the search engine found beside the Windows menu icon on your computer.

Step #3

Once you’ve opened run, you will have to type the phrase “msconfig” and click OK.

Step #4

Next, you will have to open the General Tab and look for the Selective Startup option.

Step #5

Click on the services tab and tick the box for Hiding all Microsoft Services.

Step #6

Click disable on the services section and uncheck the Hide All Microsoft Services box.

Step #7

Then, you will look for the Windows Installer option in the list of services.

Step #8

Make sure that it has been checked. Once you’re done, select OK and restart the System Configuration Window.

Step #9

Once your system reboots, you may be given the option to reinstall QB which you should do.

Step #10

Next time, when you open QB after the re-installation, you will not experience any errors at all.

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