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QuickBooks 2020 Upgrades

Designed by Intuit, QuickBooks is the leading and prominent accounting software that allows the users to manage their business accounts and to pay the taxes on time. This tool is specially designed for the small and medium-sized business owners and unarguably makes their business functioning as seamless as possible. Intuit generally offers the QB upgrades time to time and it is imperative to get your system updated to continue the services. The upgraded version is endowed with plenty of features that add life to your business. However, it is not easy to upgrade your QB desktop Company File especially if you are not from the technical background. One can take help from the experts to download these QuickBooks 2020 Upgrades on your system. 

Features of QuickBooks 2020 Upgrades

The upgraded version of QB is bestowed with innumerable features that make this upgrade worth downloading. Let’s find out about these features here. 

  • Combine multiple emails

The foremost feature that will surely make your professional life easy is that this version allows you to combine multiple emails and thus saves both your time and effort. This feature can be used by non-payment users only and you can combine all things into one email by tapping on the Combine option. 

  • Purchase order number can be added to the subject line

Next best feature of QuickBooks 2020 upgrades is that you can easily add the purchase order number to the subject line and can also attach the file of invoice with the email. With the help of this feature, you don’t have to open all attachments. 

  • Payment reminders can be easily scheduled

These upgrades allow you to schedule the payment reminders of the emails if the invoices paid to them. With the help of this, you can create the multiple mailing lists and can create multiple reminders for them. 

QuickBooks Pro 2020 – Everything you need to know

The pro version of QuickBooks Desktop is especially created for those who are looking for the complete package of bookkeeping software. This provides some easy to understand features and simple to access benefits. This flawless software is equipped with several features and its newly introduced benefits are mentioned here. 

  • It creates invoices and estimates in the least possible time. 
  • It automatically informs the customers if their payment is due. 
  • It is easy to pay for the same by combining multiple invoices in the single email. 
  • It helps in tracking the business and its activities. 
  • It permits up to three users to access. 
  • There is no need to have accounting knowledge to use the same. 
  • It offers automated data backup.

QuickBooks Pro 2020 can be very helpful for QB users. It is highly recommended to switch to this version if you are stilling operating the old version. In order to get this version, the user needs to turn on the automatic update version. You can also update the version manually. This version can do some great work for the business owners and provides them lots of benefits. Be it cost of the goods, tracking the invoices or managing the invoices, this version is capable of doing everything. 

QuickBooks Mac 2020 – Compelling Features

Are you working on Mac and wondering about what QB version to opt for? Choose QuickBooks Mac 2020 that is made exclusively for your system. It is known for its flexibility and time-saving insights so that you can focus on what exactly matters. This is the highly customizable QB desktop that is equipped with innumerable features. 

  • Modernized Reporting

It offers exceptional reporting structure to the users with improved customization, presentation, usability and navigation. 

  • Great Company Snapshot

Capture highly visible Company Snapshot and add clarity into your business with the centralized dashboard that provides customizable data ranges and widgets. 

  • Dark Mode

Yet another feature of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020 is the dark mode. This feature allows the users to view the data without putting strain on their eyes. It is available in Mac’s Mojave OS.

  • Invoice e-payments

The next best feature that makes this software worth choosing for your Mac is invoice e-payments. It allows you to send the customers with electronic invoices with online credit card payment options. 

  • Bounced Check Processing

Enjoy peace of mind by handling the bounced checks with much ease and comfort. 

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac has been equipped with plenty of advanced features that are just optimized for the Mac platform. Get it now and add the power to your business. 

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop – Features & Benefits

Download QuickBooks Accountant Desktop now and get paid faster than ever before. This version is ideal for the tech-savvy business owners and is fully-fledged with multiple new features and benefits. Let’s have a look. 

What’s new in QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2020?

  • Automatic Payment Reminders

It reminds the clients when their payment is due and thus, eradicates the need to follow up the customers over and over again. It creates customized reminders for the specific clients and sends it accordingly. 

  • Enables Customers to Search their Emails by PO Numbers

It facilitates the customers by attaching the PO number to the subject line of the emails and thus, saves their time and effort that is generally wasted in searching for the same. 

Features of the Intuit Accountant Desktop

Below are mentioned some of the features that make this software worth downloading. 

  • Boost Workflow

It enhances the workflow by sending fewer mails, less scrolls, and excellent reliability. All these features make it simple to run your practice and to serve the clients. 

  • Improved navigation with Horizontal Collapse Feature

With the Horizontal Collapse Feature, you can save time by scrolling less through the lengthy reports. You can easily hide columns to view easily to read in the reports with classes and jobs. 

  • Get access to live experts

One more interesting feature that is included in the QuickBooks 2020 Upgrades is that you can easily access the live experts and get enhanced live content. You can also enjoy flexibility in your schedule by connecting with the live experts whenever you need their help. 

If you are still facing trouble in downloading QB upgrades 2020, then fret not and get connected with the support team for quick help.

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