How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6123?

QuickBooks is basically designed to facilitate the small and mid-sized business owners by tracking sales and expenses of their businesses. However, it is just a tool and thus, it is prone to certain errors that can mess things out. One such error is QuickBooks Error 6123 that might interrupt your work and create trouble. This error mainly occurs at the time of restoring Intuit Company Files or while launching the Company File from the Multi-network server. It makes you unable to continue the work on the desktop and, therefore, it is important to get rid of the same instantly. 


Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 6123,0

There are several causes that lead to the occurrence of Error 6123 on the Intuit desktop. Some of the reasons are mentioned here for the users’ sake of convenience.

  • Owing to the bad network connection from the host server.
  • When the QB is unable to open the Company File due to Firewall security.
  • This can occur due to the damaged files.
  • When the user launches the Company File from an external storage device.
  • If the Intuit data file is damaged.

Sometimes, you might encounter the message QuickBooks Error 6123 0 on the screen. This appears when you lost the connection to Company File or when you are upgrading Company File to the new version of Intuit. 

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error 6123

The following are the symptoms of this error:

  • An error message will display on your computer screen along with the error code mentioned.
  • QuickBooks company files won’t open.
  • The QuickBooks application doesn’t respond properly.
  • Windows gets damaged.
  • The system might freeze for some time periodically.

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Various Fix QuickBooks Error 6123 0 Easily?

There are multiple solutions to fix Error 6123 within the shortest possible time. The user can attempt any one of the following solutions to get rid of this error quickly. 

Solution 1: Get the QuickBooks Reinstalled

  • Open the Control Panel and get the QuickBooks software uninstalled from your computer.
  • For this, you must have the product and license number.
  • According to your business needs, download the new version of Intuit. 
  • Follow the necessary instructions to Download QuickBooks.
  • Enter your product and license number to complete the download.
  • Open the Company File in less than no time. 

Solution 2: Make the Use of QuickBooks File Doctor

The next best solution is to make the use of the QuickBooks File Doctor and get this issue resolved within the least possible time. 

  • Get the QB File Doctor downloaded and installed in your computer.
  • Initiate the search for your Company File.
  • Select Check File Damage only and tap on the Diagnose File.
  • Enter the Admin Password and click on OK.
  • Click to open the file in the newer version.
  • Follow the instructions available on the screen.
  • Now, Restart your PC for completing this process. 

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Solution 3: Install QuickBooks Tools Hub

  • Shut down the QuickBooks.
  • Now, download and install the QuickBooks Tools Hub and save the file on the desktop.
  • Click to open the file that you have downloaded recently.
  • Follow the instructions and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Once the installation is completed, launch the tools hub on clicking on the icon and get QuickBooks Error 6123 solved instantly. 

Solution 4: Make a New Window User

  • Jump to the Control Panel.
  • Go to the User icon and click to Create New User.
  • Tap on the User Administrator for the User Type.
  • Logout of the existing Windows.
  • Restart your PC and login with new credentials. 
  • Save your Company File to the desktop.
  • Launch Intuit and open the Company File.
Solution 5: Manually Rename the network data and .TLG files

.ND and .TLG files might be unknown to you as they are the part of the QB files but when these files got damaged, you will get several errors on your system and one such error is 6123. To fix the problem, you need to rename these files manually. There is no problem in changing the name of these files and it doesn’t cause any harm to the data. Let’s find out step by step procedure here. 

  • Browse the folder that has the QB Company File. 
  • Thereafter, you will have to search for the .ND and .TLG files. 
  • Click the files and select the option to rename the same. 
  • To change the names, it is necessary to add the .OLD in the files. Please note down the fact this old is just added to make the difference, you can also use the word of your choice as well. 
  • Once you are done with renaming the files, open the QB and sign in to your Company File again to start working. 

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Solution 6: Set up the Folder Permissions
  • Go to the folder where you have stored the Company File and right click the same to select the properties. 
  • There, you have to tap on the security tab and click on the Advanced button. 
  • Choose QBDataServiceUserXX and click to edit the same.

Be sure that you have allowed the following settings to proceed further. 

  • Read and write attributes
  • Traverse folder
  • Execute file
  • Read extended attributes
  • Write extended attributes
  • Read permissions
  • Create folders
Make changes if the folder settings are not set to Allowed. 
  • Press Windows Logo + R to open the File Explorer. 
  • Open the folder where the Company File is located.
  • Click on the folder and select the settings button. 
  • Go to the security tab in the properties window and select everyone. 
  • If the Everyone option is not there, then you will have to add the same. 
  • Click on the Add button and enter Everyone in the box. 
  • Tap on the Ok button and select Full Control Option.
  • Apply the changes and exit the window. 

Please note that you will have to change permissions for all folders given in the list. 

Solution 7: Change the location of the Company File
  • Go to the folder where you have stored the Company File. 
  • Make a search for the file that has the identical file name as your Company File but with .qbw extension.
  • Click on the file and tap on the Copy option. 
  • Browse the desktop and click on anywhere to paste the file. 
  • Press and hold Ctrl key to open the QB. Hold till the No Company Window open. 
  • Select the Company File to open the same. 

If you’ve tried everything but are still facing the QuickBooks Error 6123, then connect with the IT professional as soon as possible to get your queries solved in less than no time. You might need the specialized guidance to eradicate this issue from the system. The support team comprises the professional experts who have experience to tackle your issues easily. You can also get the stellar repair of the QuickBooks Software to scan and review the QBW file. It is bestowed with the superior algorithms to find out the issues. The support team is available all the time to help the clients and thus you can call them at any instance of time. They will not just solve the issue but also help you with the further guidelines so that you cannot face this problem again.

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you to get rid of this problem. But if you are still facing any issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with Certified Experts at +1-860-325-4922. The USA-based ProAdvisors will provide all sorts of assistance related to the software 24/7.

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