How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000?

QuickBooks, designed by Intuit, is one of the prominent accounting and bookkeeping software. It mainly helps business owners in Managing cash flows, tax payments, payrolls and a lot more. As happens with all software, you might get some errors in it. One such error is QuickBooks Error Code 6000. It’s mostly occured due to any error related to installation. The user will encounter this error when he tries to open or access the Company File. 

Error code 6000 is always followed by three to four-digit numbers and these seven to eight-digit codes will pertain to an error. Some of the common QB 6000 series errors are 6000 83, 6000 80, 6000 77, 6000 301 and 6000 832. Let’s find out some of the common causes behind the occurrence of this error and the practical solutions to eradicate the same. 

quickbooks error code 6000

Causes of QB Error Code 6000

There are a number of different causes that lead to error code 6000.

  • Corrupted .TLG file.
  • Damaged QB installation file. 
  • The firewall is blocking the connection.
  • Multiple users are logged into the same Company File.
  • Damaged Company File.
  • When you are trying to restore the previous backup of your files. 
  • Incorrect configuration of the network connection on your system.
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Solutions to Fix QB Error Code 6000

How frustrating it could be when you are working on the system and suddenly a message of QuickBooks Error Code 6000 pops up on the screen? It not only hampers your work but productivity as well and therefore, it is essential to take some important measures to get rid of the same. Below are some important steps to solve out your issue.

Solutions 1: Restore Backup 

The users can restore the backup of their files to eradicate this error from their system. Follow the steps given here. 

  • To initiate the process, open the Company File. 
  • Tap on the File option. 
  • Choose Utilities.
  • Click on the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access
  • Change the name of the Company File and make it only 210 characters long. 

Solution 2: Open the Company File in Some Other Location

Yet another solution to fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 is that you can try to access the Company File into a location other than the previous one. You can also move the file either in the local or network drive. 


Solution 3: Configure your Firewall and Anti-Virus Software

  • Open the QuickBooks Database Manager and find the Port Monitor tab.
  • There, you need to select the QuickBooks Version. 
  • Be sure to note down the firewall Port Number.
  • Open the Windows Firewall and tap on the Advanced Settings.
  • Click on the In-bounds option and select the option for New Rule. 
  • Tap on the Port and Jump to the Next button. 

Solution 4: Change the name of .ND and .TLD Files

  • Click to open the Company File location.
  • The users are required to find the Company File that they are intended to fix. 
  • It is time to make a search of files with .ND and .TLG extensions. 
  • Click on such files and change their extensions. 
  • While changing the extensions, you have to make sure that the file must have .OLD at the end. 
  • After Completing these steps, reopenQB and login by using your credentials.
  • This must have fixed the QuickBooks Error Code 6000.
Solution 5: Scan for the Network Issues

Yet another option for eradicating this error from the Intuit System is to scan for the network issues and get it eliminated within little or no time. Use the below mentioned procedure for the same. 

  • In order to begin this process, you will first have to rename the .ND and .TLG files. 
  • In the next step, you will have to make the use of QuickBooks Database Server Manager that is available in the QuickBooks Tools hub.
  • This tool will then automatically update the settings and also gives access to the blocked ports if those are creating issues.
Solution 6: Get the local copy of the file opened

If you are working in the multi-user mode with QB files hosted on another server, then you are advised to open the local copy of the file from the drive which is networked to the local. However, you must note the fact that if the file opens on the desktop, then it is the clear example that there is an issue either in the firewall setting or in the network. If still the QuickBooks Error 6000 continues, then worry not and proceed to the next solution. 

Solution 7: Start the QB processes again
  • QB Error 6000 may be caused due to the several issues and once such cause is the force stopping the Qb processes. 
  • To handle this problem, the only solution is to start all QB processes once again however, note down the fact that this can be done only by the user who has admin rights on the server. 
  • There are some specific processes like qbupdate.exe and qbw32.exe will have to be terminated first and then start again. 
  • The user must know the fact that these are executable files that are responsible for several operations. Please follows these processes very carefully to fix your issue in a very short time.
Solution 8: Check whether the issue is on the network or in the local

It is imperative to make sure that whether the issue is occurring on the network or in the local and thereafter, take the troubleshooting steps accordingly. A simple way to determine if the issue is on the network or local is to open the Sample Company File. If the file doesn’t open on the local drive, then there are the chances that the issue is with the local installation process and if it doesn’t open on the network, then the network installation process has the problem. 


If the user gets stuck with the QuickBooks Error 6000, then there is no need to worry as the support is readily available to help them out. One can call the support at any instance of time without any hesitation or without thinking twice, and can easily get the solution to all the issues. The support team will fix your issues in no time.

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