Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77?

QuickBooks is the prominent Accounting and bookkeeping Software that is widely used by the business owners to manage their account and finances. This software is mainly designed to facilitate the business process and to make your professional life easy. However, just like any other software or tool, this is also prone to errors and you might face some bugs while using the same. One such issue is QuickBooks Error 6000 77. It arises when the user tries to access the Company File. Let’s find out about the reasons for its occurrence and some practical solutions to fix this issue here. 

Causes of Error 6000 77

Before turning to the solutions, it is important to know the possible causes that lead to the Error 6000 77. Some of them are mentioned here for the users’ sake of convenience. 

  • Company File is opened with a reference from the mapped drive.
  • The Company File is available on the storage rather than any local drive.
  • The presence of Incorrect Folder Permission that comprises the Company File. 
  • Communication issues while using the multi-user mode can also lead to the occurrence of Error 6000 77. 

Solutions to Fix Error 6000 77

There are multiple solutions to fix this issue and the user can pick any of them to get rid of this problem. The fixes available for QuickBooks Error 6000 77 are:

QuickBooks Error 6000 77

Solution 1: Run the File Doctor from QB Tools Hub

The first and foremost solution to eradicate this issue is to download the QB Tools Hub and run the QuickBooks File Doctor. Now you can check. 

Run the File Doctor from QB Tools Hub

Solution 2: Use the UNC Path instead of the Mapped Drive

  • Click on the QB icon on your desktop and press the Ctrl key and click ‘Run as Administrator’. 
  • The user must have to hold the Ctrl key until you will get the No Company Open window on your screen. It is important to note down the fact that holding down the Ctrl key avoids Intuit desktop from opening the Company File automatically. 
  • Go to the File menu and choose Open or Restore Company and get your Company File opened and click to the Next button. 
  • Select Network in the left pane and jump to the location of your Company File. Please note down the fact that if you cannot find the folder where you have saved the Company File, and then you will have to set folder permissions. 
  • Thereafter, select the Company File and click the same to open. 

Solution 3: Get the Firewall and security software settings configured

Yet another solution to fix QuickBooks Error 6000 77 is to configure the firewall and security software settings. Use the below-mentioned procedure and get rid of this error instantly. 

Firewall and security software

  • To initiate the process, configure the Firewall Port Settings in an automatic. 
  • The user will have to manually configure exceptions for all ports of the firewall. 
  • Install any antivirus defender on your computer or else configure it appropriately. 

Solution 4: Rename .ND and .TLG Files

Before using this solution, it is essential to know the fact that .ND and. TLD files allow the users to work in the multi-user mode. If these files are corrupted, then it might cause problems and lead to the error and thus it is advised to rename the same. Renaming the file doesn’t cause any loss of data since it recreates automatically while opening the Company File. 

Rename .ND and .TLG Files

  • Go to the folder where the Company File is saved. 
  • Make a search for the files with the same name as Company with .ND and .TLG extensions.
  • Click on such files and change its name. Don’t forget to add .old once you add the extension. 
  • To complete the process Press Done. 

Solution 5: Create the damaged folder again

  • First of all, you have to create a new folder in the C drive.
  • Now, go to the folder that contains the Company File. 
  • Find out the file with .qbw extension. 
  • Click on such file and select Copy.
  • Open the new folder that was created in the first step and paste the copied file there.
  • Set the permissions to share the Company File.
  • Reopen the QB Desktop and launch the file from the new location. 

Solution 6: Copy the QB file on desktop

If you are facing QuickBooks Error 6000 77, then you can copy the QuickBooks file to the desktop and access the same again along with Company File to check whether the issue is resolved or not. It includes two conditions – either there is a trouble in the previous location of the file i.e. the location of the existing QB file is either damaged or is too deep that it exceeds the boundaries of the system or secondly the file itself is damaged. Here are mentioned the steps with the help of which you can easily copy the QB file on the desktop. 

  • First of all, navigate to the folder that holds the Company File.
  • Choose the file with .QBW extension and right-click on the file. 
  • Tap on the Copy option to make the copy of that file.
  • Go to the desktop and right click the mouse. Click on the Paste button to paste the QB file. 
  • Access QB while holding down the Control key so that you can easily be redirected to No Company’s Open Window. 
  • Open the existing Company File or tap on the Restore button. 
  • Navigate to the desktop again and search for the Company File that you’ve copied. 
  • Click to open the file and check whether the QuickBooks Error 6000 77 is fixed or not. 

Important Tips To Handle QuickBooks Error 6000 77

QB Error 6000 77 is one such bug that needs to be fixed instantly; otherwise it greatly influences the entire software badly. This error mainly occurs when the user tries to open or access the Company File. The above-mentioned solutions are good enough to fix this issue but, if you still have the same error over and over again, then read out these important tips and tricks that will help you in handling this issue with ease. 

  • Get the Company File shifted to the local drive if the same is stored on the external storage device. Use this trick and open the QBW file to check out whether the error is resolved or is still continuing. 
  • Make the use of QB file doctor from the tool hub as it might help the users to get rid of this trouble.
  • Get more permissions and reboot the QB software. Sometimes, the error gets resolved with just rebooting and you don’t need to take any further hassle. 

If you still are not able to resolve this QuickBooks Error 6000 77, then fret not and call QuickBooks Error Support+1-877-349-3776 now to get the trusted solution for the same. 

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