QuickBooks Error 1328

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1328 ?

QuickBooks is used all over the world as it provides immense help in the effortless supervision of Financial and Accounting work. Sometimes you get a message of error code while uninstalling, installing, or updating QB, and that is known as QuickBooks Error 1328. It is important to fix this error without wasting any time; check out the solutions of this error from the below-mentioned information. 

Though QB is an amazing software and it keeps updating its techniques and features to provide a better experience to the users, errors are meant to occur. So, if you are facing error code 1328, then get help to resolve this from this post.

QuickBooks Error code 1328

Why does Error 1328 Occur?

There are various reasons due to which this error occurs. Some common mistakes and causes behind this error are-

  • Installing the QuickBooks Version in the different license number.
  • Wrong downloads of software.
  • Network error, when the software is in the installing or downloading process.
  • Improper shut down of the computer.
  • Malware attack on the computer.
  • Any corrupted software file can cause this error.
  • Improper QuickBooks Software Installation.

All these are the major reasons due to which your QB shows an error message, QuickBooks Error 1328.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1328?

There are various methods to eradicate this error. Apply any of them as per your preference.

Method 1 – Repair the Window Installation process

  • Start this process by logging in as an administrator to the Windows.
  • Choose the “Programs and Features” option after opening the control panel.
  • From the available list, click on the “QuickBooks” option, followed by the “Uninstall” option.
  • When you will see a QuickBooks uninstaller, choose the “Repair” option.
  • After this, you are required to run the QuickBooks Repair on your system. After completing the repair process, apply the security patch.

Method 2 – Locate the config.mis file

  • This is another solution to QuickBooks Error 1328. Move to the “Start” button after locating the config.msi file, and make a right-click on it.
  • Select the “Explore” option and perform a double-click on the “C” drive.
  • Click on the “Tools” option and select the folder.
  • After this, click on the “View” option available in the toolbar. 
  • Select all the hidden folders and files.
  • Make a click to apply it and hit the “OK” button.
  • All the important system files are required to be operated now. 
  • Right-click on the config.msi, and choose the rename option.
  • Add the .old extension at the end of the file name and rename it.
  • Press the “Enter” key.

Method 3 – Run the QB Install Diagnostic Tool

Implement the following steps to fix QuickBooks Error 1328.

  • From the official site of QB, download the QB install diagnostic tool on your system.
  • After the completion of the download, the tool will appear in your desktop. Save it.
  • Close all the programs.
  • Run the downloaded tool.
  • Lastly, restart the system.
  • Check that all the componnents are updated or not?

Method 4 – Repair registered tool application

  • To repair the damaged registry entries on QB, it is very important to run any Registry Repair Tool. 
  • Use a malware removal tool to fix all the malware infection and remove all the available malware in your system.
  • After this, remove all the junk and unwanted files from your system and uninstall the outdated PC device drivers.
  • From the “Recent System Changes,” select the “undo” option to restore it.
  • Now, uninstall QB and reinstall it.
  • Scan your PC after running the “Windows System File Checker.”
  • Install the essential Windows Update. 

These are different methods to resolve QuickBooks Error 1328. Still, facing the issue? Contact QuickBooks Experts+1-877-349-3776 and get instant help at any time.

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