QuickBooks Payroll Login

QuickBooks Payroll Login

It is high time to bid a Goodbye to the manual calculations as QB comes with the online payroll software to facilitate the users. Install QuickBooks Payroll login on your desktop and take the work out of payday to get back to your business. This software is primarily designed to make the payroll for small businesses easy and trouble-free. With the help of this, your employees can easily submit their time sheets and you can pay them with the accuracy they require. Download this software and run payroll in minutes. All you have to do is login to your QB online, enter the business information, add total employees and start working on the same. 

Now, there is no need to initiate the manual calculations as this software will do the same for you. It helps you in staying at the top of ATO and SuperStream requirements to keep your payroll accurate and on time. The business owners can also opt for the Single Touch Payroll that is designed to change the way employees report PAYG and Super to the ATO. Enable STP before your next pay run and enjoy the seamless business process. Through this software, the employees can add their information; submit leaves, add expenses and time sheets so that you can focus on what exactly matters. Let’s get to know about QB Online Payroll and QB Desktop Payroll here. 

QB Online Payroll Login – Pay with Ease

Powered by KeyPay and includes STP compliance, QuickBooks Online Payroll is designed to easily manage payroll HR and employee services in one place. Download this software and spend time doing what matters most. This software will automatically calculate, file and pay your payroll taxes once its setup gets completed. It will surely give you peace of mind by reimbursing any penalty and cost with its Tax Penalty Protection feature. However, you can use this feature only if you have installed QB Online Payroll Elite. Time tracking is the best feature of this software that approves payroll only when you are ready for the same. It is bestowed with innumerable services such as health benefits, HR and workers’ comp etc. Learn about some of the prominent features of this software here. 


  • Single Platform

Everything works right within QB and you can easily manage your clients’ book by integrating accounting and payroll in one place. 

  • Expert Support

Whether you are a growing firm or managing your work schedule, their experts are all set to help you all the time. They’ll do the entire setup for you and it’s always done appropriately. 

  • Paychecks

It enables you to know in which way your cash is actually flowing. Choose how you want to pay for your employees and set up your own payroll system. 

  • Pricing

Multiple plans are available and you can pick the option that is suitable for your business needs. Opt for the subscription that fits your requirements well. 

QB Desktop Payroll – All you need to know

Download QuickBooks Desktop Payroll now and get payroll done in minutes with no extra paperwork. With the help of this software, you can save your time as no exporting or double click is needed. Get your paychecks done in three steps – just add your hours in the QB, review and approve your payroll and make payment to your employees. Three plans are available to choose from i.e. Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, and Assisted Payroll. Select the option that suits your needs and enjoy effortless payroll. 

How to Reconcile QuickBooks Payroll?

One can easily initiate QuickBooks Payroll Reconcile with the help of payment summaries. Reconcile the data that you will have to send to ATO and if you are using the lodging the payment summaries use the payment summary report as well. You can easily export this report by following the below-mentioned procedure. 

  • Tap on the Employees from the left-hand menu.
  • Jump to the Reports tab and choose Payment Summaries.
  • Choose the appropriate filters, and then select Show Payment Summaries. 
  • Tap on the Excel button. 

How do I Upgrade from Standard Payroll to the latest version?

QuickBooks generally launches new features in the QuickBooks Payroll software and, therefore, it is essential to upgrade it from time to time and avoid any hassle. Follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned here and upgrade your software in less than no time. 

  • Click to open QuickBooks online and go to the Gear icon to select Account and Settings.
  • On the left-menu, tap on the Billing & Subscription section. 
  • Find the QuickBooks Payroll section and tap on the Upgrade your plan link. 
  • Now, pick the plan that suits your needs the best and get QuickBooks Payroll login Upgrade with much ease. 


Why is QB Payroll preferred?

  • Easily manage your business

With the help of this software, you can access a full suite of HR services right from your payroll account which in turn allows you to manage your business with much ease and comfort. 

  • Payday made easy

Once the installation is complete, run Payday automatically as it makes it easy to stay in control with alerts and notifications. Through the direct deposit, you can easily manage your time and money. Use the automatic time tracking tool to see the performance of your team and get your payroll approved only when you are ready. 

What benefits does QB Payroll handle?

It basically tracks sick time, vacation time, cash advances, paid time off, medical and dental insurance and many more to count. The business owners can also choose different deductions for different employees. 

How do I pay employees with QB desktop payroll?

All you have to do is enter your employees’ hours, QuickBooks Desktop payroll software will calculate paychecks, deduct payroll taxes, and subtractions. Get the paychecks printed instantly and make the use of their easy direct deposit. This software also allows you to pay your employees in different groups on different days as per your convenience. 

This is one of the leading software that will surely help in empowering clients to conquer payroll with confidence. However, if you face any trouble during installation, then call support for QB and get your issues solved within little or no time. 

How do I Contact the QuickBooks Payroll Support Team?

There is no denying the fact that the user might get stuck in the problem while logging in with the QB payroll and here the Support for QuickBooks Payroll team comes into play. You can connect with them at any instance of time and to seek the further guidance on all the issues you might be facing while logging in. The support team is available all the time to assist the customers even at the odd hours and on the public holidays and thus, you are advised to stop wasting your time looking here and there and contact the support team now. 

To establish the connection, the user can get the Support for QuickBooks Payroll Phone Number +1-855-789-0253 and dial out the same at any point of time. This number remains available all the time and thus, you can get in touch with them in the hour of need. They are available 24 X 7 to assist the clients and thus get their problems solved within little or no time. 

Why connecting with the Payroll Support Team is Preferable?

There are several issues that need expert guidance and, therefore, it is advised to connect with the support team immediately when you find any trouble. Some of the issues for which you need to connect with the team are:

  • Error detection

The first reason to contact the Payroll Support Team is the error detection. While logging in with payroll online, one might get encountered with lots of errors and to solve them, you need to contact the payroll support team as soon as possible. The team has an expertise to know about the error in less than no time and thus it can correct the same easily. 

  • Pricing issues

It is important to know the price at which you can get the QuickBooks Payroll system and thus, feel free to call the support phone number and get to know about the price of the software. Don’t exceed your budget and also not to settle down for too less. The team will let you know about the best pricing for the same that you can be easily afforded. 

  • To know about the features

Yet another reason to connect with the payroll support team is to know about the features of payroll software before purchasing the same. The support professionals will let you know about the features and benefits of this software. 


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