How To Delete an Invoice in QuickBooks?

There are several times that you will need to Delete an Invoice in QuickBooks. If you cancel an invoice, it will no longer exist in your financial balances as well as your client balance. However, the invoice number and the products that were attached to this invoice would remain; a voided invoice will not include any monetary sums. If you have sent a customer an incorrect invoice, this choice may be useful. 

By canceling the invoice, you will keep track of it for potential business purposes. If you uninstall the invoice, there will be no sign of it left behind. However, if you haven’t yet sent the invoice to your customer, select this option. If you need to go over any invoices that were voided or removed, go to the Reports tab on the menu bar, then Accountant and Taxes. After that, Summary of Voided/Deleted Transactions.

Delete an invoice from your account

When you delete an invoice, you are deleting the transaction associated with that invoice. All other information, such as invoice number, consumer or vendor name, customer ID, and other essential details, will be removed along with the transaction. It’s just a good idea to delete an invoice if you won’t need the transaction’s information in the future.

Void or Cancel an Invoice

When you void an invoice, the transaction balance is only shown in the records as zero. All other transaction information will be kept in the books. So, voiding an invoice is the way to go if you want the transaction data for future reference. If you want to do all of these things at the same time, you can first void an invoice and then delete it.

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How do I Void an Invoice?

The following are the steps to void an invoice:

  • Move to the “customers” menu in QuickBooks and select the “customer center” option.
  • Pick the customer from the list of customers and jobs, then press Reveal.
  • When you select display from the transaction menu, a drop-down list of invoices appears.
  • To access the invoice, double-click it.
  • Or, you can write off an invoice in QuickBooks.
  • Move to the edit tab and choose “Void invoice” once within.
  • Then choose Save to erase the entire invoice and seal it with a void stamp.

If the invoice that was made by mistake has not been saved, you can simply delete it. This is accomplished by:

  • Tap on the edit menu after opening the invoice.
  • Pick Delete Invoice from the drop-down menu and press Ok.

How to Delete a Dual Payment or Invoice in QuickBooks?

  • Launch QuickBooks and go to the company profile tab.
  • To open it, press the open button and then go to the banking menu.
  • Pick Make deposits from the drop-down menu.
  • Then pick the line containing the duplicate invoice you want to get rid of.
  • To delete a line, go to the edit menu and select delete line.
  • To save all of your updates, press Save.

Alternate Method:

  • Select the list menu in QuickBooks and choose the chart of accounts from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, to open your account register, double-click on the undeposited fund’s tab.
  • Choose the duplicated invoice you want to get rid of.
  • Select Delete Payment under the Edit tab.

How Do I Delete an Invoice in QuickBooks?

As previously stated, you can only delete an invoice in QuickBooks if you no longer use the transaction information for future reference. The procedures for removing an invoice in QuickBooks are as follows:

  • Launch the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Pick the ‘Transactions’ menu from the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Choose the ‘Sales’ choice from the ‘Transaction’ menu.
  • Click the invoice you want to remove from the transactions list.
  • Pick the ‘More’ button at the bottom of the invoice until it has opened.
  • Select the ‘Delete’ choice from the ‘More’ menu.
  • On your phone, you’ll see a confirmation message asking if you’re sure you want to delete this invoice.
  • After that, select the choice “Yes”.

In Conclusion

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