Update QuickBooks Software To Its Latest Release.

How To Update QuickBooks Software To Its Latest Release?

Intuit is one of the trusted brands of accounting software. One of its successful releases is QuickBooks. Intuit releases QuickBooks updates every year that include various improved and advanced features of the software. Some users occasionally update QuickBooks software to its latest release. The update releases often come for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. For other versions, QuickBooks launch the releases in 2 years like QuickBooks Plus, QuickBooks self-employed, QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale), etc. 

It is crucial to regularly update QuickBooks software in order to maintain smooth operations of the software. There are many minor errors that can occur in your QuickBooks software because of not updating QuickBooks. 

Methods To Update QuickBooks Software To Its Latest Release

There are three main methods that sound effective to update QuickBooks software to its latest release:

  • Automatic Update.
  • Immediate Update.
  • Release Download.

Automatic Update Process

If QuickBooks is working or not, QuickBooks is programmed to automatically download updates from the server. QuickBooks will automatically download updates before you remove the ‘Automatic Update‘ function.

  • To allow or disable the Automatic Update option, follow these steps—
  • Move to the Support menu and pick QuickBooks Update.
  • Tap the Options button in the Update QuickBooks window.
  • Pick ‘Yes’ to confirm your action (or No to disable) the Automatic Update function.
  • If Automatic Update is activated, pick updates that you want to receive and clear updates that you do not want to accept.

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Immediate QuickBooks Update Procedure

You can automatically download QB updates from the Intuit database to your device with the aid of this process. This can be used at any time (even if Automatic Update is enabled) and you can install QuickBooks instantly, whether or not it is available. You are encouraged to search for updates roughly once a month.

  • To search for and install updates to QuickBooks, follow these steps below:
  • Move to the Support menu and pick QuickBooks Update.
  • Tap the tab called Update Now.
  • In order to register, pick the updates and click Get Updates. To check what is provided in the update, in the Update column, click the Maintenance Releases link.
  • Then, close your QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks will automatically redirect you for downloading the update now.
  • The amount of time taken in the process will depend on the version of QuickBooks you currently hold.
  • After that, you have to press the ‘Install Now’ button.
  • Consequently, a message will appear on your computer screen asking you to install the updates.
  • You have to tap the ‘Yes’ button.
  • When the update successfully installed on your computer, shut-down your desktop.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes and restart your computer.

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Release Download: 

Whether the user does not want to update software using the QuickBooks update function or has issues with the update function They are able to download and install updates that are accessible. It’s easier to update all of them if there are several copies of QuickBooks. Alternatively, the company file will not be accessed.

  • Multi-User Mode Updates for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier:
  • If the user is in multi-user mode using QuickBooks Pro or Premier, the update should be installed on each device that has QuickBooks Pro or Premier activated on it.
  • From each device that has QuickBooks activated on it, they can either access the web or download the update to one device on the server and upload it.
  • To share an update, all QuickBooks Pro or Premier users on your network must complete the steps below:
  • Launch the company’s shared file.
  • Move to the Support menu and pick QuickBooks Update.
  • Tap the Options tab
  • Adjust the Download Share to Yes choice.
  • Tap the Save button

Note: The installed QuickBooks updates are saved in the same place as the company file when the Share Download option is turned on. Alternatively, updates are downloaded to the folder or file where the QuickBooks copy is enabled.

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