How to Fix QuickBooks Error PS033?

QuickBooks Error PS033 is a common payroll update error, which occurs or appears on the computer screen when the user tries to download the latest payroll release. Moreover, it also appears when any file in the CPS folder is damaged, and the user attempts to open the company file.

If you have also encountered QuickBooks payroll error PS033 and are unable to download the latest payroll release, then you have landed on the right platform.

Follow this guide till the end and get rid of the issue in less than no time.

Causes of QuickBooks Error PS033

There are many technical disparities that may lead to QuickBooks error PS033. In the majority of the cases, this QB issue appears when any file in the CPS folder is damaged. Here we have mentioned a few of the possible reasons below that trigger error code PS033.

  • Payroll Subscription is not activate
  • When in the inactive Direct Deposit Agreement, there is more than one active payroll.
  • Damage QuickBooks Desktop file
  • When the Service key is not correct
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) is invalid
  • Old Windows edition
  • The company’s PSID is invalid

In order to implement the right troubleshooting method, it is necessary to know the exact cause behind the error message. So, we suggest you contact QuickBooks Pro advisor and avail assistance to dig out the exact cause.

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Different Troubleshooting Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error PS033

Based on the cause, implement any of the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods to get rid of QuickBooks Error PS033. Each of the troubleshooting solutions listed in this guide are well proven and efficient in resolving the issues.

Method 1:Download the latest payroll tax table

This is one of the best troubleshooting methods, which is used to eradicate QuickBooks error PS033. Implement each step attentively and resolve the issue in less than no time.

  • Launch the QuickBooks application to launch the process.
  • Now go to the “Employees” tab and further click on “Get Payroll Updates.”
  • Now click to choose “Download entire payroll update.”
  • Further, click on “Update” to complete the process.

Once the process is complete, rerun the payroll update and check if the error message still appears. However, if the error persists, then switch to the next solution mentioned below.

Method 2:Run a Verify and Rebuild in QB desktop application.

It is one of the most well-proven troubleshooting formulas shared by QuickBooks Proadvisors that works wonders in resolving QuickBooks error PS033. We suggest you try using this solution to fix the issues for hassle-free accounting experience.

  • Navigate to File and click to select
  • Further, click on Utilities and then Verify Data
  • In this step, click on “OK” to close all the open QuickBooks windows
  • Now it may take a while to verify data
  • After completing this process, click on “OK” to proceed.

Method 3:Verify the Payroll Service Key in QuickBooks

Follow the steps to change the “disable” status of Payroll Service Key and turn on the “Active Status.” The steps included in this troubleshooting method are easy to implement, which doesn’t require expert assistance.

  • Launch QuickBooks Application and go to the Employees tab.
  • The Drop Down menu will open up. Go to the My Payroll Service and choose Manage Service Key.
  • You would find payroll service listed under the QB Service Key window. If you didn’t find your payroll service listed, then click on “Add.”Otherwise, click on “Edit.”
  • Once you click on “Edit,” note your Service Key and click on “Remove.”
  • Further, click on “Yes.”
  • Now click on “add.”
  • Here type in your Service Key and Employer Identification Number.
  • Click on “Next” and further “Finish” to complete the process.
  • Now go to the Payroll Update window and click on “OK.”
  • Ensure that your payroll subscription is showing an “Active Status.”

Method 4:Verify Payroll Subscription

In many cases, QuickBooks error PS033 appears because of expired payroll subscription. So, we recommend users to check whether payroll subscription is active or not before running the latest payroll update.

  • Launch the QuickBooks Application and go to the “Employees tab.”
  • Under the “Employees tab,” choose the option “My Payroll Services.”
  • Further, click on “Manage Service Key.”
  • Now click on “View” to check the status of your service key. Ensure that it is Active.
  • If you found status as Not Active, click on “Add” and enter the service key that you have received through email.
  • Click on the “OK” button and restart the application.

Method 5: Add EIN to your company file

Implement each step carefully without skipping any of them, as it is important to follow steps in the same hierarchy as listed below.

  • Launch the QuickBooks Application
  • Login to your QB account using the correct credentials
  • Further, click on the “Select Payrolls Option.”
  • Here in this step, choose “Use my existing payrolls service.”
  • “Account Maintenance” window will appear on the screen.
  • On the “Account Maintenance” window, click on the “Add File” option.
  • Now, checkmark the checkbox adjacent to “Add EIN Number.”
  • Further, click on the “Next” tab.
  • Review all the information on the screen and go back to the QuickBooks application.
  • Further, run the payroll updates once again to check if the error has been resolved.

Hopefully, the above-given information is useful for you to get rid of this problem. But if you are still facing any issues with your software and need professional assistance, regarding accounting, bookkeeping & accounting software-related issues then feel free to get in touch with Certified Experts at +1-860-325-4922. The USA-based ProAdvisors will provide all sorts of assistance related to the software 24/7.

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