Want to make your business smooth and professional life easy? If so, then download QuickBooks accounting software in your system and take your business to the new heights. It is one-of-a-kind accounting software that is developed to help businesses in achieving their goals and objectives through financial finesse and management. QB is a superior quality software that is integrated with top-notch technology. It maintains the cash flows, accounts, tax dues and payrolls to facilitate the business owners. The user can multiply the benefits of this accounting software by integrating the same with other apps like Square, Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce and a lot more. Opt for QuickBooks Integration and enhance the efficiency of the software.  

Let’s get to know about different types of QB integration here. 

Salesforce QB Integration

The Salesforce tool has always been committed to your success and when it gets integrated with the QB software, then its significance multiplies by manifolds. By integrating Salesforce with QB, you can get full visibility into the fact that how your business is actually operating and what are the loopholes where it needs improvement. It helps in combining the accounting information with sales data and thereby facilitates the user. There is no denying the fact that when accounting and sales software works together, they always produce effective outcomes for the businesses. Also, when you connect a Salesforce tool with QB, then it decreases the possibility of duplicate or wrong data entry, enhances productivity by manifolds and gets more insights for the outstanding forecasts. 

Unarguably, Salesforce QuickBooks Integration comes up with plenty of benefits that can ease the businesses and help them in making better decisions for their business. Some of the benefits are mentioned here. 

  • Track sales trend for the existing data
  • Sync sales and accounting data
  • Allows you to view credit and balance limit
  • Avoid duplicate data entry and identical issues

Note the fact that you will have to use one of the prebuilt apps to connect QB with Salesforce as there is no other solution to integrate the same. 

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Shopify QuickBooks Integration

Yet another tool with which you can integrate QB software is Shopify. Integrating Shopify with QuickBooks is extremely easy and bestowed with lots of benefits. With the help of this easy integration, the user can enjoy several advantages such as they can easily combine and manage the order and accounting information together. In addition to this, with this app, they can also save your time by avoiding businesses to spend long hours in doing the tally orders along with the consecutive transactions. Another major benefit that you can enjoy with Shopify QuickBooks Integration is that you can easily sync this app with Intuit and thereby file the data that is associated with the clients, products, taxes, and payments in the appropriate accounts. This will surely save your time and efforts that you generally waste by adding everything manually. 

QB for Shopify basically allows you to export all your Shopify sales to the QB software in a single click. It is done directly by using the admin rights. Once you integrate the app with QB online, then it will automatically export your payouts and fees for the Shopify payments. Just enable the setting and get it done with ease. 

Square QuickBooks Integration

This is a one-way integration with the help of which you can easily import sales transactions from Square into QB. Once you activate the same, this app monitors your Square account for all transactions including tips, sales, discounts and refunds. This integration comes with a plethora of benefits and some of them are mentioned here for the users’ sake of convenience. 

  • No more manual data entry

The first advantage of Square QuickBooks Integration is that it eradicates the need of manual data entry and thus, it saves your time as well as effort. Moreover, it also decreases the chances of duplicacy or identical errors. Sales, taxes and other information automatically updated to your QB account. 

  • Invoices create automatically

Yet another benefit is that it allows you to create invoices automatically without any help and thus saves your effort that is usually wasted earlier in the manual entry. It captures sales transactions in an invoice and thus facilitates the business owners. 

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Stripe QuickBooks Integration

Stripe is basically the online payment platform and provides powerful APIs for recurring bill and online payments. Integrating Stripe with QB is important to automate the bookkeeping process. This can easily sync the stripe payments into the existing QB invoices and thus manage the cash flow and invoices appropriately. With the help Stripe Quickbooks Integration, one can easily create custom integration workflows between accounting, payments, and other applications. It makes the business process easy and secure. you ‘ll feel glad to know the fact that it requires zero coding experience to integrate Stripe with QuickBooks software.

To integrate Stripe with QB, the user will have to follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • First of all, authenticate QB online with Stripe. 
  • Now, select one of the apps as a trigger and it will kick off your automation.
  • The user will have to pick the resulting action from the other app. 
  • Select the data you wish to send from one app to another and this is it and now your Stripe app is connected with the QuickBooks accounting software. 

Hope the above-mentioned information is enough for you to know about different types of QuickBooks Online Integrations. You can easily integrate your QB accounting software with different apps like Salesforce, Stripe, Square and a lot more to mention. However, if you still find any issue while integrating these apps with the QB or if there is any query in your mind, then feel free to contact the support care executives at any instance of time and seek instant guidance from them. They will be available to guide you all the time and thus, you can call them in person or text them at any time. The support team will revert you instantly and will eradicate all queries in no time.  

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