How to Adjust inventory in QuickBooks

How To Adjust Inventory in QuickBooks?

When you are involved in a business whether small or large, you need inventory or stock of your goods. Without an inventory, you are not able to do your business properly. To manage your inventory, you will have an inventory manager who will manage your inventory-related details. He/ She will track which items are required…

How To Enter a Loan in QuickBooks?

Some companies need to take out a loan from time to time to finance capital projects like new buildings, facilities, or product research & innovation. When your business takes out a loan, you can account for the loan as a liability and monitor each loan amount to reduce the liability. Keep reading this blog to…


How To Delete an Invoice in QuickBooks?

There are several times that you will need to Delete an Invoice in QuickBooks. If you cancel an invoice, it will no longer exist in your financial balances as well as your client balance. However, the invoice number and the products that were attached to this invoice would remain; a voided invoice will not include…

How To Record a Returned Check in QuickBooks

How To Record a Returned Check in QuickBooks?

What Does a Returned Check Mean? A returned check is a check that you receive from your customer that is directly returned by their bank. This kind of situation commonly happens when your bank account doesn’t have enough funds to pay off the check amount. A returned check is popularly known as the ‘Bounced’ check…

How to Enter Expenses in QuickBooks.

How to Enter Expenses in QuickBooks?

As an accountant and business owner, you might know that the income and expenditure reports are the most important reports in financial matters. In the business world, you need to have proper information about where your funds go and come from. For this reason, you should regularly enter your expenses in your QuickBooks account. Entering…

How to Convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online

How to Convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online?

As you know, there are different benefits of QuickBooks Online as compared to the QuickBooks Desktop application that’s the reason we are providing you the steps to Convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online. Some features are present in QuickBooks Online software that lacks in the QuickBooks Desktop application. For example, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting…

Create Form 1099 in QuickBooks.

How To Create Form 1099s in QuickBooks?

Commonly, professional contractors are practitioners such as physicians, attorneys, accountants, consultants, etc., who work individually for a corporation or firm where they provide their services to the public. In certain instances, though, workers may also be employees. To clarify, if the beneficiary can only monitor or direct the results of the job and not how…

How to Categorize Expenses in QuickBooks Online

How to Categorize Expenses in QuickBooks Online?

Irrespective of the severity of your business, linking your business bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online is a valuable resource for tracking business income and expenses, whether you are a party planner or a structural engineer. It can save you several hours of manual data entry time per week by establishing a great…

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