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Error 0xc004f074

Do you own a Windows PC and it is showing windows activation error 0xc004f074 on the screen? If yes, then don’t go anywhere, read this complete guide and you will know why this error appears and how to get rid of this.

This error code can cause problems in almost every Windows version. It shows up due to the unreachable Key Management Service (KMS). Some circumstances when you can get this error are mentioned below:

♦ When you try to upgrade the Windows operating system.

♦ It can also occur when you download the Windows from an unauthorized website.

♦ When your system have an activated version of KMS, and you try to upgrade to Windows 10.

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How to Fix Windows Activation Error 0xc004f074?

Solution 1: Update KMS Host 9

If you have an outdated version of Windows server on your system, then it is recommended to upgrade it to the newer version. You can update it from the official website of Microsoft Windows.

Solution 2: Update the Time and Date on your computer

Wrong date and time on the system can also cause this error. So, update the correct date and time on your PC.

Update Date and Time

Solution 3: Uninstall and install the KMS key

Perform this step if you already have a KMSpico key or activation key. So, before proceeding further uninstall the existing key and apply the new one.

Step 1: Open Command prompt as an Administrator.

Step 2: Type “slmgr.vbs/dlv” command, and press Enter.

Step 3: The below-mentioned description will appear on the screen.

Description: Windows(R) Operating System, VOLUME_KMS_WS12_R2 channel

Step 4: Now, run “slmgr.vbs /upk” command to uninstall the current KMS key.

Step 5: After uninstallation of the key, Enter “slmgr.vbs /ipk <NewKMSProductKey>” command.

Note: Use the new KMS key at the pace of “NewKMSProductKey” in above-given command.

Step 6: Now go to the PC settings and navigate to “Update and Security > Activation.” It would activate your Windows 10.

Solution 4: Run and update the Activation Troubleshooter

Step 1: Open “Settings” and navigate to “Update & Security > Troubleshooter.

Run and update troubleshoot

Step 2: Select Windows update in the Troubleshooter and initiate the troubleshooting process.

If, after running the Troubleshooter you are still getting the error 0xc004f074, then perform the further steps.

Step 3: Open “Settings” and navigate to “Update & Security > Activation > Troubleshooter.


This process would take a few minutes to complete. Wait until the process gets completed and after that, reboot your system. Then try to upgrade your Windows. You would not re encounter the windows activation error 0xc004f074. In case the problem persists, then try other methods.

Solution 5: Run Slui 3 command

Step 1: Press the Windows + R key together, and type “Slui 3” command in the Run box and press Enter.

Step 2: Note down the System product key, and tap on Activate.

Step 3: Now, restart your computer and try to upgrade your Windows.

Solution 6: Run SFC Scan

Step 1: Run command as Administrator. To do this, press the Windows key on keyboard and type “cmd” in the search field. Right-click on command prompts and select “Run as Administrator”

Choose Run as Administrator

Step 2: Type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter.

sfc scannow

Step 3: Wait until the scan process gets finished. At last reboot your system and try to upgrade the Windows.

Hope you find the steps mentioned above easy. In case, the windows activation error 0xc004f074 persists, then immediately contact Windows customer support +1-855-789-0253

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