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Is your computer infected with malware and malicious viruses? Is your operating system crashing because of buggy drivers? If yes; then you need to reboot your computer in Safe mode. Most of the tech geeks recommend rebooting in a Safe mode because no third-party software or drivers get loaded while rebooting.Though Windows Operating System is widely preferred by the users worldwide because of its cutting edge technology and versatile nature, however, at many instances, people experience technical problems like computer crashes, system, suddenly locks up, and many more. When the computer is infected with critical glitches and unable to perform normal operations, booting the system in safe mode to find the exact reason behind abnormal functioning of the computer is the most effective troubleshooting hack.Whether you are looking for easy steps for how to boot in safe mode Windows 10, or boot in safe mode Windows 8 or you want to know rebooting steps of other versions of Windows; we have brought for you a comprehensive guide to reboot your PC/Computer in safe mode in order to get rid of harmful viruses.

How to Boot Windows 7 in Safe Mode?

If you have Windows 7 in your PC or Computer; then you need to follow the specific steps to boot your windows 7 in safe mode.

Step 1: Turn on your Computer
Step 2: Keep holding the F8 button while your PC is starting.

holding the F8 button
 >You would see “Advanced Boot Options” Window on the computer screen.
Step 3: Use arrow keys to navigate and select “Safe Mode” options.

Advanced Boot Option
Step 4: Press “Enter” key
Step 5: You have successfully booted your system.

How to Boot in Safe Mode Windows 10?

Those users, who have Windows 10 configured in their system, can follow the steps jotted down below.

Step 1: Turn off the computer by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.
Step 2: Further press the power button to start the system
    >Repeat the above two steps three times to enter winRE.
Step 3: After carrying out the process for three times in the same sequence, press the power button again to restart and let your system enter the winRE.
Step 4: You would see Choose an option screen.
Step 5: Select Troubleshoot

Windows 10 Troubleshoot
Step 6: Further click on Advanced options

Troubleshoot Advanced Option
Step 7: Then Startup Settings

Startup Settings
Step 8: Upon clicking, you would see seven options
Step 9: Select the 4th option “Enable Safe Mode.”
Step 10: Hit the Restart Button.

Enable safe mode

How to boot in Safe Mode Windows 8?

Follow the steps mentioned below, if you have Windows 8 installed in your system.

Step 1: Turn on your computer
Step 2: Go to the Windows 8 Start Screen. You will see a search box that says, “Search the web and Windows.”
Step 3: Type in the box “Advanced.”
Step 4: Click on the Settings from the search results that appear in front of you.
Step 5: Click on Advanced startup options

Advanced Startup Options
Step 6: Scroll down to find “Advanced startup.”
Step 7: Further click on Restart now
Step 8: Select Troubleshoot

Windows 10 Troubleshoot
Step 9: Further click on Advanced options

Troubleshoot Advanced Option
Step 10: Then Startup Settings

Startup Settings
Step 11: Upon clicking, you would see seven options
Step 12: Select the 4th option, “Enable Safe Mode.”
Step 13: Hit the Enter Button.

Enable safe mode

Hope this blog would help you to boot your system despite your OS version. However, if you face any issue, you can get in touch with tech expert through designated Windows customer service number +1-855-789-0253.