Which is the Better Printer Among HP and Canon?

Better Printer HP and Canon

Making a comparison between the two top brands of a printer is quite a difficult task. The process to choose the best printer for you can be quite complicated. These devices available in the market has multiple functions like printing, copying, and scanning and also promises to deliver these services. However, handling all those tasks efficiently is a challenge in itself.

Canon and HP are two of the biggest names in printers that have the greatest number of sales and the highest rate of consumer recognition. However, each printer has its good and bad qualities. Let us look at the performance of both the printers after testing the various tasks that these printers can perform.

Text Print Quality

Though inkjet printers are not capable of printing very sharp text compared to a laser printer, they do perform a reliable job that is almost similar to what a laser printer can produce. HP models, on the other hand, are also capable of producing high-quality text prints consistently. You should also know that while printing PDF documents, the quality of both text and graphics differs. Although the HP models consistently delivered good performance, the Canon printers printed the sleekest and the sharpest letter forms. Thus, it can be concluded that the canon printers deliver better quality text prints.

Glossy Photo Prints

Most of the inkjet printers that have been tested produce quite attractive and glossy photo prints. However, you can notice minor differences in these prints. The models of HP printers are directed toward a warmer print that you might not prefer. On the other hand, Canon models produce a more simple look and few models produce more saturation in deep red shades than other models.

Copy and Scan Quality

HP models are known for replicating color on plain paper along with few changes and little details. The HP models have produced some of the best-looking copies. However, the HP OfficeJet 4650 model produced a few copies that didn’t match the fine details and stronger dark shades of the Envy 5540’s copies. The copies from Canon models, on the other hand, seemed comparatively rougher than the HP Envy 5540. Still, the Canon printers replicated colors well, though the dark areas lost few details. Moreover, the text seemed rougher than seen in the original. The Scan quality of both the Canon and HP models are quite impressive. It can be concluded that HP printers are capable of producing detailed and rich photographic prints on plain paper and are also capable of performing high-quality scans.

Print Speeds Comparison

Coming to speed, Canon and HP models do not differ much. On average, each of the printer prints at a speed of 7.7 ppm and 8.6 ppm, respectively. If you consider graphics print, there is a difference in speed. Canon printers print at an average speed of (2.8 ppm) and HP models at a speed of (2.1 ppm). Both the models were performed well in the glossy-photo printing department.

Canon emerges as the winner leading in almost all the categories. If you are among those who are conscious about brands while buying a printer, the multipurpose devices of Canon’s are hard to beat.

If you ever face any problem with any of the models, you can contact either Canon printer support or take assistance from HP printer customer service. The customer representatives of both companies will solve all your queries instantly.

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