What Will You Do Epson Printer Prints Blank Page?

Epson Printer

If you are using an Epson printer, you must be knowing that it is quite a famous brand in printers and is known for its quality and reliability. While using it, you must have faced some problems with it.

Users often find their Epson printer printing blank pages. This becomes a concern for any user as it causes an obstruction while printing documents. It can even affect a day’s business and as a result also affect the revenue of the company. Also, if the printer is being used for personal purpose, its irregular functioning might upset you.

You can notice this problem in your printer at any point in time. You might wonder why your printer is printing blank pages and look into the matter to find out more about the issue. There can be various reasons that your Epson printer is not working properly

Why is the printer printing blank pages?

Epson printers’ users frequently face this problem. You can face issues with the printer if its cartridge has been newly installed or the existing one has got out of order. Moreover,you also cannot write off any hardware or software problem in your printer. It might also be possible that the main issue is with the hardware or software of the printer.

When you face such issues, you need to get into the matter to find out the exact cause of the problem. Here are a few solutions for the improper functioning of the printer.

Here are the solutions to fix the error

1. Empty cartridge

Firstly, you need to check the cartridge of your printer. You might leave it blank by mistake. To identify the problem, you need to know the proper reason why your printer is not functioning properly.

2. Disconnected cartridge

Another reason might be that the cartridge has gone out of order. When your printer starts printing blank pages instead of prints, there must be a problem with the cartridge. It might happen that the cartridge has been disconnected from the output of the printer. It happens many a time that your cartridge is not electronically connected to your printer.

3. Incompatible paper size

It is also advisable to choose the proper in-program paper size if you want to avoid any printing issues with your Epson printer. If you have unknowingly changed it, you need to set the usual size. This can be done by changing the settings, and then the issues can be solved.

4. Clogged nozzles

Clogged nozzles are one of the main reasons of printers printing blank page. This happens not only with Epson printers but printers of all brands. The reason behind clogged nozzles can be occasional use of your printer. If you do not use your printers regularly, the ink in it can get hard and as a result, jam the nozzles of your printer.

If the above solutions do not solve the problem, you can call on the Epson printer customer support number and resolve your issues.

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