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QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12002

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12002: How to Fix It?

If you have encountered QuickBooks payroll update error 12002 and looking for quick ways to solve it, then you have landed at right place.

QuickBooks error 12002 takes place when QB software is unable to access the internet connection on your desktop. This can be the result of a slow internet connection or network timeout.

Before we start discussing about solving the error, it is important that you know the possible causes of this particular error.

What causes QuickBooks Payroll update error 12002?

The main reasons that leads to error 12002 include the following:

When QB fails to access the server because of network timeout.

When you don’t have internet explorer set as your default browser.

It can also take place when you have a poor or slow internet connection.

Even in case of incorrect SSL settings, you can face this error.

Your Firewall or internet settings are causing problems in the connection.

How to fix QuickBooks payroll update error 12002?

There are many ways to fix this error but we have suggested only the best method.

a) At first, close the QB software and then open your internet browser.

b) Select tools and then click internet options.

c) In the next step, you are required to click the security tab and make sure that the security setting is set to medium high.

d) Now select the glob icon and then choose the content tab.

e) Make sure that you have enabled the content advisor button.

f) Go to the connections tab and then follow these steps:

  • Select never dial a connection.
  • Select the right ISP and then press OK.
  • Select LAN settings.
  • Enable the automatically detect settings.
  • Verify and disable the use a proxy server.
  • Uncheck the 8o box.
  • Click OK.

g) Now choose advanced tab:

  • Click on the option “restore advanced settings”.
  • Search use TLS 1.0, use TLS 1.1 and use TLS 1.2.
  • Check use TLS 1.0 and uncheck the rest.
  • Close internet options and then press OK.
  • Shut down internet explorer and restart your PC.
  • Open QB and try to update it again.

This should solve the error you are facing or else you will have to call QuickBooks customer support number through call, chat, or email.

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