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QuickBooks Error 15215

It is very important that you keep QuickBooks up to date so that there isn’t a conflict of versions when transferring files to and from various desktops. If you are, in fact, using an older version of the QuickBooks then it’s probably a good idea to think about updating the version you have. However, there are times when you may choose to update QuickBooks and get a QuickBooks maintenance release error 15215. This generally comes about for a multiple of reasons.

What Causes the QuickBooks Error 15215?

The QuickBooks error 15215 is caused by several reasons. The most prominent reason for the QuickBooks maintenance release error 15215 is because an error occurs in your operating system, which may be because of a problem in the configuration of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows’ default web browser. Luckily, however, most of the error 15215 is found on QuickBooks version from 2014. There’s probably some glitch which is causing this.

So how does it occur?

QuickBooks has this verification process which checks the signature on folders and files to make sure that the downloading process is correct and that there is no problem. Installation differs from device to device so sometimes, if your web browser configuration is not correct and QuickBooks is not able to verify the file, then the QuickBooks 2014 maintenance release error 15215 will be displayed on your screen. Another issue may be that the QuickBooks file you’re trying to download maybe corrupt, or worse, your operating system may have a virus or malware. However, this is mostly not the case, and it is usually the web browser configuration, which is causing the error. So, how do you solve this?

It’s quite simple, actually!

Solution to Quickbooks Error 15215

Step 1: Begin by making sure that Quickbooks is closed on your computer and then right-click on your desktop icon to run as administrator.

Step 2: Then, you must click yes when the message “Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer?”

Step 3: Next, you should open Internet Explorer and then click on Tools.

Step 4: Select Internet Options and go to the Advanced Tab.

Step 5: You have to pick the Use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2. Sometimes TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are ticked. You need to uncheck these and make sure that TLS 1.0.

Step 6: Then click OK and then close Internet Explorer

Step 7: Then check for updates from Quickbooks and begin downloading. Your problem should be solved.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to solve the Quickbooks maintenance release error 15215 problems. All you have to do is follow these steps, and you’re sorted!.

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