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How To Update HP Printer Firmware


Are you using a HP Printer? Looking for the ways for HP Printer firmware update? If yes; then you have landed at the right place.

HP is quite a popular brand among users and people are aware of the level of performance the product delivers regardless of its shape and size. However, every product wears off after a particular period and as a result, its efficiency decreases.

Since the printer is a hardware device, all the manufactured products should be always kept in a proper working stage. And to keep the device in its working stage, it needs regular up-gradation. An updated version of HP printer firmware allows its users to derive a high-quality result. The output provided by a HP printer is not as same as provided after an individual specifically updates and upgrades an HP printer firmware.

For an HP Printer Firmware update, you need to follow the given steps-

How to update HP printer firmware and upgrade?

Step 1: You should visit the official website of hp.com and click on the HP support navigational link.

Step 2: Then you need to select the driver and download it. After that, you have to choose the printer’s name and number in the search box. You need to click on the go button and select the module name from the given list.

Step 3: Go down the screen to reach the operating system link and select the option “independent operating system”.

Step 4: Go to the firmware section and select the latest firmware file. You can also download the file by clicking on the download option and then pressing the OK button.

Step 5: You can choose an open folder and survey the location before saving the file.

Step 6: Right click on .zip file and extract all files.

Step 7: Keep a track of the location.pdf file.

If you anyhow fail to perform an HP Printer firmware update, even after following the above steps, you need to contact HP printer customer service +1-844-589-4843 and complete the process immediately.

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