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How to Reset HP Printer

You require to get a series of print outs of several documents, and suddenly, your Printer stops working. It might happen because of multiple reasons, including corrupted drivers, stuck print spooler, or if your system would be infected with malicious viruses.

In order to regain flawless access to your HP printer, you are required to reset it to the factory settings. After receiving so many requests from HP users to create a guide on “How to reset HP printer?”; we have brought for you an easy to implement guide that would let you reset printer settings with ease.

This guide is delicately created for HP Printer. So, if you are using the printer product developed by HP brand, can follow the steps mentioned below to reset their Printer to factory settings.

Steps for how to reset HP Printer to Factory Settings

Here we will show you the most comprehensive ways to restore your wireless HP printer to factory settings, which you can easily implement without breaking a sweat.

Step 1 : Unplug the power cord from the board without turning off the Printer through the power button.

Unplug the power cord
Step 2 : Remove the USB cable, if present. Further, wait for 2-3 minutes.
Step 3 : Again plug in the power cord.

plug in power cord
Step 4 : Press and hold the Power button on your HP printer.

Press and hold the Power button
Step 5 : You will see the attention light turned on.
Step 6 : Now leave the Power button.
Step 7 : You will see the attention and ready lights cycling. This signifies that the Printer is restoring to the factory settings.

Once you have successfully reset printer settings to defaults, you need to set up the Printer again to resume access. Follow the steps to install your HP printer software and complete the printer setup process.

Step 1 : Turn on your PC and go to the browser of your preference.
Step 2 : Double click on the browser icon to launch it.
Step 3 : Enter “www.hp.com/go/support” in the address bar located at the upper section of the search engine and hit the “Enter.”

HP Printer Support
Step 4 : You would be redirected to the official website of HP.
Step 5 : Click on “Printers”

HP printer support icon
Step 6 : Further, Click on “Drivers”

HP drivers downloads
Step 7 : Enter the specific model of Printer and click on submit. You can even select your product from the popular Printer’s list.

Enter HP Printer Name
Step 8 : Choose the relevant operating system. In your case, you are required to click on Windows. In most of the cases, the website detects the operating system.
Step 9 : Select the Driver-Product Installation Software and further click on “Download.”

Hp officejet 4630 Drivers
Step 10 : Double click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
Step 11 : Once the installation is completed, restart your computer.

Hope the guide on “how to reset HP printer settings?” was helpful and you were able to reset your Printer to get rid of the technical issues. For more assistance, directly contact HP printer support through call +1-844-589-4843, chat, or email.

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