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How to install HP printer software for Mac and windows


Have you bought a new HP printer? Can’t wait to print your documents? In order to get a print, you are required to install compatible HP Printer software for Mac to connect your printer to your computer.

Whether you have Mac or Windows OS; you easily install HP Printer Software to your computer and start using newly purchased Printer in less than no time.

After receiving so many requests from Mac & Windows users to create a guide on “HP printer software installation,” we have come up with a comprehensive guide, which would let you configure the right HP printer software based on your system preferences.

Here we will help you to find and download HP printer software for Mac and Windows HP printer software. So, stay tuned till the end.

How to install HP printer software for Windows?

In order to install HP printer software on your PC that has Windows OS, follow the steps mentioned below carefully. Before going ahead with the installation, make sure, you have enough free hard disk space. Moreover, you also need to ensure that all software programs running on your computer are closed.

Step 1 : Open a browser of your preference.
Step 2 : Type www.hp.com/go/support in the address bar and hit the “Enter.” You would be directed to the official website of HP.

HP Printer Support
Step 3 : Click on “Printers”

HP printer support icon
Step 4 : Further, Click on “Drivers”

HP drivers downloads
Step 5 : Enter the specific model of Printer and click on submit. You can even select your product from the popular Printer’s list.

Enter HP Printer Name
Step 6 : Choose the relevant operating system. In your case, you are required to click on Windows. In most of the cases, the website detects the operating system.
Step 7 : Select the Driver-Product Installation Software and further click on “Download.”

Hp officejet 4630 Drivers
Step 8 : Double click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
Step 9 : Once the installation is completed, restart your computer.

You can use the steps mentioned above even if you need to install Hp printer software for Windows 10, as it applies on all versions of Windows OS.

How to install HP printer software for Mac?

Step 1 : Open a browser of your preference.
Step 2 : Type www.123.hp.com/setup in the address bar and hit the “Enter.”
Step 3 : Click on “Download” to save HP Easy Start to your Mac

HP Easy Start
Step 4 : Double click on the file to open it
Step 5 : Click on the “HP Easy Start”
Step 6 : If the security prompt shows up on the screen, check the box to agree with the terms and conditions
Step 7 : Click on “Continue”
Step 8 : You need to ensure that the Printer is on and your Mac is connected to the Wireless network to which you wish to connect your Printer.
Step 9 : If your Printer was previously connected to a different network, then you are required to restore the default wireless settings.
Step 10 : Further, click Continue.
Step 11 : Choose the Printer from the detected devices.
Step 12 : Click on the “Continue”
Step 13 : Check the Wireless network
Step 14 : Further, click on “Join.”
Step 15 : Click on “Allow” to allow access to your key chain.
Step 16 : Further, click on Continue
Step 17 : Follow the on-screen instruction till you reach the installation screen
Step 18 : Click on install
Step 19 : The printer software is downloaded and installed.
Step 20 : Click on “continue.”
Step 21 : Click on “add device” to add the Printer.
Step 22 : Further, click on Continue.
Step 23 : Again click on Continue
Step 24 : Click on continue online to complete the set-up process.
Step 25 : Further, click on Finish to complete the installation

In case, if your Printer is not showing up on the screen or fails to detect, make sure the Printer and wireless light are on. If it is still not detecting, the Printer might not be supported by the software. So, we recommend you to install valid software from www.hp.com/go/support.

Hope you find this guide comprehensive, and now you would be able to initiate process how to install HP printer software for Mac and windows efficiently without any expert assistance.Call now +1-844-589-4843 for HP printer customer support & error support.

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