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Fix HP Printer 79 Service Error

Have you encountered 79 Service Error on your HP printer? Nowadays, this technical error has turned out to be very common and is frequently experienced encountered by HP printer users. Conventionally, 79 Service Error is caused by malformed PostScript documents. With this problem you get stuck in the middle of something and you cannot move further with your work. Error message pops up on the LCD display of the printer. HP printer 79 service error occurs due to some of the following reasons.

Corrupt print job – It is a fact that there are some browsers that do not go well with certain printers when printing some content from the website. Usually, error 79 occurs due to this problem. The printer gets stuck in a loop after attempting numerous times to print.

Outdated firmware – This is an internal firmware error. It causes miscommunication between the spooler and printer, which makes it difficult for the printer to print.

Defective accessories –This problem occurs when there is issue in the hardware of the printer. Defective accessories could be the reason of this error. Faulty items could be anything like a memory card. Input output device.

Main solution of the HP printer 79 service error includes, updating the firmware or re-insert the accessories. Though you can perform these easy go to steps to solve the issue-

Find out the on/off button on the bottom of the printer
Keep it off for at least 30 seconds
Turn the printer on and check if the problem is solved or not

How to fix error 79 on the HP printer CP2025?

Though your problem will be solved with these steps but if you are still struggling with the 79 Error HP Printers CP2025, follow these steps to get rid of this issue.

Step 1: Turn the power off and unplug the HP printer from the wall outlet.

Step 2:Discover the print queue in the connected PC with the printer and suspend all the waiting jobs.

Step 3:Now turn the power-on of the printer.

Step 4:Print the documents but try to print it with the other browser than you used earlier.

Hopefully, after following the steps mentioned above, you are able to resolve the issue. In case, the issue still persists, implement the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Unplug the printer after turning off the power.

Step 2: Cancel the waiting jobs after finding it in the print queue in any connected PC.

Step 3: Now switch on the printer for solving the HP printer 79 service error.

Step 4: Go to the printer menu and press the setting button. Check for the update option and push it.

Step 5: Download the firmware.

Step 6: Perform the installation of firmware.

Step 7: Let the printer be switched off for at least 5 minutes.

Step 8: Restart the HP printer.

If you are unable to perform these steps, try to contact the HP printer customer Support +1-844-589-4843.Their agents will be pleased to help you and try everything possible to solve the issue.

Hope this comprehensive guide on “how to fix HP printer 79 service error” helped you to resolve the issue and you are able to use it again. For more updates, stay tuned.

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