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HP Printer 49 Service Error

Types of HP Printer 49 Service Error and How to Fix it?

Undoubtedly, printers have made work process easy and convenient for individuals as well as for organizations. With unique features and huge benefits, today printer is a must-have device that every tech-savvy or business should have. These days you can find various brands of printers available in the market, each claiming to provide the best functionalities and features.

HP is one of the top-notch printer brands, which is widely used by individuals and businesses across the world. However, sometimes, these printers stop working because of some technical issues, which should be resolved immediately for the flawless functioning of the device. HP printer 49 service error is one of those technical errors that user might face while using the HP printer.

HP printer 49 service error codes are generally communication error codes. This error can be removed by rebooting, but sometimes you need to follow specific steps for the removal of this error. Error 49 occurs due to some reasons that are-

Corrupted or mismatched driver

A defective JetDirect Network card

Faulty accessory or faulty memory chip that is installed in the formatter slot

A failing formatter

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02?

HP printer error 49.4c02 will put a halt to all your work on printers. This error is the ubiquitous bug amongst HP users. But this can be easily avoided by these easy solutions-

Solution 1: Clear job log

Firstly you need to delete the print queue jobs. For this click on the printer icon which you will find at the bottom right corner of the PC. Click on the icon to open the print queue. Delete each job from the queue, ensuring everything is clear.

Solution 2: Reboot the system

Switch off the printer and remove the connection between the printer and your personal device. Now switch on the printer while the cable is still disconnected. Take out the print, and your printer is ready to use again.

Solution 3: Deactivate Advanced printing features

Follow these steps for the deactivation process-

Step 1: Click on the windows logo printer.

Step 2: Choose printing preferences after opening the printer queue.

Step 3: Go to advance option.

Step 4: Open Advance printing features under document option.

Step 5: Disable this option by tapping on it.

This process will eliminate HP printer error 49.4c02, and your printer will run smoothly.

Solution 4: Update the firmware of your HP printer

This error is commonly occurred due to the corrupted firmware. Flash the printer’s firmware and if it is outdated, update it immediately.

Check the “Firmware Date Code” and update it if it is too old.

Solution 5: Check the network issues

Reboot your device after checking LAN connection. If the printer shows up the “ready mode,” print the configuration page. Go to the menu and click on the print configuration. If there is no issue in printing this page, your network connection is not stable. Improve your connections for better performance.

How to fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4cf0?

This issue can become a headache for some users by appearing again and again. You may get corrupted printouts. This could be because of some malware such as corrupted drivers, unsuitable accessories, etc. There are some solutions to this error-

Solution 1: Toggle between on-off buttons

Remove all the plug-ins of the printer. Make sure every connection is disabled. Now let it rest for at least 30 seconds. Turn on the printer after 30 seconds or one minute. Take a printout for the test and check the quality of the printout.

Solution 2: Check out whether drivers are genuine or not

In some cases, a mismatched driver has been assigned to the printer resulting in bad printouts. Defective drivers can send sparse data to the printer, arising HP printer error 49.4cf0. If the driver is not mismatched, replace it immediately with the new one.

Solution 3: Clean pending jobs list

Open the list of pending jobs in your system that is connected to the printer. Tap on the printer icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Clear all the pending jobs. Now restart your printer to check if the bug is resolved or not. Take a print out for testing your printer.

Solution 4: Check out the hardware

Common accessories that are used in the printer are additional memory chips, hard drives, etc. If you suspect any accessory, replace it with the new one. Try to remove accessories one by one so that you can find out which accessory is causing trouble. If issue improves with a specific accessory, reboot the HP printer after replacing that particular accessory.

If you get caught with sudden HP printer error 49.4c02 and 49.4cf0, go through this detailed guide for the immediate solution for your HP printer 49 service error.

If you need assistance; then you can contact the HP printer customer service +1-844-589-4843 through its dedicated helpline number.

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