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Have you purchased a new HP Printer? Unable to connect with your Mac? If yes; then this guide is for you. We have created a comprehensive guide that would let you add your new HP Printer with your Mac in less than no time.

We totally get the fact that to use the printer; you need to connect it with your device. Owing to the fact that not everyone is tech-savvy, one needs to take assistance from the expert. It is not in your case, as the steps we have mentioned below are so comprehensive that you can follow for connect HP printer to Mac it without any struggle.

How to Connect HP Printer to Mac?

Step 1: Go to the “Apple” menu located at the upper left corner of your screen. Further, hover your mouse over “Software Update” to check for printer software updates.

Software Update Menu on Apple

Step 2: Switch on your newly purchased HP printer and connect it to the Mac with the USB cable that is compatible with the printer.

HP printer connect to Mac with USB cable

Step 3: Go to the “Apple” menu in the upper left corner of the screen and click on “System Preferences” to select.

system preferences menu mac

Step 4: Further click on the icon for “Print & Fax.”

Print & Fax icon on Mac

Step 5: Open the lock icon in the lower-left corner of the screen by clicking on it.

lock icon on Mac

Step 6: Enter an administrator’s credentials, including user name and password

administrator on Mac

Step 7: Click on the Add icon below the “Printers” menu located at the left side of the screen.

Step 8: Choose the HP printer from the list.

Step 9: Further Click on “Add.”

Hope you find these steps easy to implement and you were able for how to connect HP printer to Mac without any hassle. However, if HP printer not connecting to Mac after several attempts; then we suggest you to contact HP printer customer service +1-844-589-4843 for prompt help and get your issues resolved in less than no time.

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