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How to Connect HP Printer to Laptop

Want to connect your HP Printer to your laptop? Connecting HP Printer to your laptop is not an arduous task which needs only a few steps to carry out. But with so many models of different printers, people get puzzled. It seems that number, colour and complexity of wires have become a hassle for the people. Go through this comprehensive guide on “How to connect HP printer with laptop” and get rid of all your confusions.

There are two methods of connect HP Printer to laptop, i.e. with the USB cable and without USB cable. But the most used way to connect a printer with the system is with the USB cable which makes it a local printer. Here we are discussing both the methods for the connection to help the customers.

How to connect the printer to the laptop without any wire?

Firstly make sure you have unboxed all the essential parts and equipment of the printer as every component plays a vital role in the configuration. Once you are done with an unboxing, your printer is ready to setup. Plug the power cable of your printer in the wall outlet. Your printer will turn on automatically or you need to press the power button.

Though this process may seem intimidating, this is quite a simple process. Bring out these forthcoming steps to connect the printer to the laptop.

Step 1: Open your laptop’s settings

  • First, you need to turn on settings to connect the laptop to the printer.
  • Wi-Fi connection is necessary for building the connection.
  • Though most of the modern printers have LCD screen attached to it for displaying the list of available Wi-Fi networks, but in some cases, the LCD screen is not available. Then this step might not be followed.
  • After opening the settings page, find out the setup page that will permit you to adjust the wireless LAN settings.

Step 2: Connect to your Wi-Fi network

  • After accessing your LAN settings, try to locate SSID.
  • You can identify your SSID by placing your mouse over the Wi-Fi icon.
  • SSID is situated at the side or on the bottom of your internet service provider’s router.

Step 3: Complete connectivity

  • Enter your network password after selecting your SSID.
  • Connection has been made successfully. Your printer is ready to do all the printing.

Step 4: Open your printer’s settings

  • At the bottom left of your desktop screen, you will locate windows icon. Press on that to see Windows Start Menu.
  • In the setting window, find out the gear icon link and tap on the icon labelled as “Devices”.

Step 5: Complete connection between printer and laptop

  • On your “Devices” screen, click on the “Add a printer or scanner”.
  • Select your printer’ name to Connect HP Printer to laptop.
  • Choose “Add device” and your HP Printer is connected to your laptop.
  • Enjoy printing at your home.

This is the easiest way to connect a printer to the laptop without using any wire.

How to connect a printer to the laptop with the USB cable?

While unboxing, you must have found a USB cable that connects directly into your laptop’s body. After putting USB cable in the socket, your system must notify you about the new connection. A new driver needs to be downloaded to complete the configuration of the printer.

Follow laptop’s instructions and click the notification. Your computer will show you all the steps automatically to initiate the connection between laptop and printer. But if your laptop lefts you to do the connection process by yourself, follow these steps.

Step 1: Locate windows setting

  • Click on the windows icon at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Start menu will appear on your screen.
  • You will see a gear icon that must be linked to your settings window at the bottom of the left most column.

Step 2: Find out “Devices”

  • Try to place the “Devices” in the first row of your windows setting. Click on it.
  • Choose “Printers and Scanners” in the left column of the “Devices” window.
  • The first option in the newly opened window will be “Add Printers and Scanners”. Click on it.

Step 3: Complete connectivity between printer and laptop.

  • After clicking on “Add Printers and Scanners” your laptop’s window will automatically detect the printer which is connected through USB cable.
  • When you see the notification of your printer, click it and complete the configuration process by following the laptop’s instruction.
  • That’s it. Your printer is ready to run and print out beautiful pictures.

That’s how you configure your printer in the laptop.

Follow this guide know How to connect HP Printer to laptop with USB by yourself only. If you still face any issue regarding installation, you can easily contact HP customer support +1-844-589-4843. Their agents will not disappoint you and help you in all possible ways.

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