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Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings


Epson is a well-known printer manufacturer, which produces a wide array of inkjet and laser printers. These printers are designed for home and business uses both. They come with online support and instruction manual.Resetting a printer is a frequent need to clear a queue, clear a jam, and many other printing issues. Not all the models of the Epson printers have reset button, but you can reset them all printer manually. If your Epson printer is showing you an error message “Printer Maintenance Required,” but you notice it is working correctly, you need to reset your printer to avoid that error message.If you are getting any other issues with your printer, don’t jump directly to the reset process. Check other solutions first. For example, a paper jam can’t be cleared by resetting the printer. So firstly, check the main reason of the problem occurring with the Epson printer, and then proceed further in the reset process.Don’t worry about how to reset Epson Printer to factory settings; there are three different methods you can implement to reset your printer.

Follow the Below Methods to Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings

Method 1: By using the control panel of the Epson printer

Reset your printer to factory settings by following these below steps.

Step 1: Open the control panel of the Epson printer, which is usually located at the top right-hand side of the printer near any digital display screen or near the power button. Press the Home button to open the Home menu.

Step 2: Open the Setup menu by using the right and left navigation buttons. Hit on the OK button.

Step 3: Again use right and left navigation button to discover the “Restore Default Settings” option. Press the OK button.

Step 4: Same as above use the up and down scroll button to find out the Restore Network Settings.

Step 5: Click on the OK button.

Step 6: Restart your Epson printer.

The Epson printer is successfully reset to its factory settings.

Method 2: By using the Reset button

Most of the models of the Epson printers have reset button situated at the back of the body of the printer. You can reset your Epson printer to factory settings with this button. Bring out these forthcoming steps to apply this method.

Step 1: Press the power button of the Epson printer to turn it off.

Step 2: Find a pin and press the reset button with it. Hold the reset button located at the back body of the printer.

Step 3: Turn on the printer while holding the reset button for at least 5 seconds.

Step 4: A warning page will be printed. Release the reset button now.

Step 5: Wait for few seconds, another page will be printed with the Epson printer’s default IP Address.

Step 6: Configure your printer to the system by using this IP Address.

This method is the most commonly used method when someone searches about How to reset Epson printer to factory settings. This will takes less than a minute.

Method 3: By using the Epson Adjustment Program.

This method is implemented when the printer buttons are not in a working condition. This method will consume little more time comparatively but is easy to follow. These are the steps to be performed to reset the Epson printer using this method.

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Epson Adjustment Program on your computer. Run the program to install it.

Step 2: After done with the installation process, open the Epson Adjustment Program on your system.

Step 3: Make the necessary selections by clicking on the Select option.

Step 4: Open the Select menu; choose the model number of your Epson printer.

Step 5: Now select the port in which your printer is connected to the computer.

Step 6: Press the OK button.

Step 7: A window will be opened, showing “The Adjustment and Maintenance.” Under the maintenance section, choose the option of “Waste Ink Pad Counter.”

Step 8: Hit on the OK button.

Step 9: Check the option of “Main Ink Pad Counter” and press the initialize button situated at the bottom right corner.

Step 10: Press on the Finish button to complete the reset process.

Step 11: Restart your printer to reset it to the factory settings.

Reset process of the Epson printer has been successfully completed.

These three methods have the solution to the common problem “How to reset Epson Printer to factory settings.” Apply any of these approaches to reset your Epson printer and get a fresh new start with the Epson printer.

But if in case you still feel difficulty in resetting your Epson printer, you can easily reach out Epson printer customer support +1-855-789-0253 for an instant solution. They will listen to you carefully and will give the best solution to your problem.

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