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Remove Yahoo Search from Chrome


Are you pissed of that purple color search engine interface as your default browser? Looking for an easy guide on “How to remove yahoo search from Chrome”? If yes; then you have landed at the right platform. We have created a comprehensive guide that would let you remove Yahoo search in less than no time.

Why Yahoo Search Always Show Up on Chrome?

We know that despite making several settings modifications, every time when you start your chrome, Yahoo.com shows as the default search engine. You must be wondering, who is making these changes and why it is happening without any prior warning.

Unknowingly, you might have downloaded any deceptive software, which redirects you to the search.yahoo.com without your consent. It is really annoying!! So, you need to follow certain steps to remove Yahoo search.

Technically the process of redirecting the users to any default search engine is called browser hijacking. In this process, developers distribute these browser hijackers using a malicious software marketing called ‘bundling,’ which allows the installation of third-party apps together with other software without the user’s permission.

Though Yahoo.com is one of the most popular search engines, which is widely used as the browser home page or a default internet search engine across the globe, but, not all internet users prefer it as the default search engine. However, due to rise in browser hijackers, internet browsers like Google chrome are infiltrated without user’s permission, which further assigned search.yahoo.com as the default search engine in the browser settings.

If you have lots of extensions in your chrome, then these extensions may be the root cause behind popping up of the undesirable Yahoo search interface. Check the list of extensions, if there any software that is installed by third parties software without your consent.

This blog is a one-stop guide that will definitely help you to remove yahoo search from chrome. Whether you need guidance on “How to remove Yahoo Search from Safari mac” or from other PC; you can follow the steps mentioned below to get rid of annoying Yahoo search engine.

Navigate your mouse cursor to the upper right corner, which displays “Customize and Controls Google Chrome” and clicks on it to open the drop-down menu

  • Scroll down to select “settings.”
  • Go to search and Manage Search Engines
  • Then, the select search engine you’d like to set as default

Even after changing your default search engine settings, you are still encountering Yahoo.com. Then, it is recommended to use any cleanup Tool to remove unwanted software.

Hope the steps mentioned above will help you to remove Yahoo Search from Google Chrome. In case, you find any issue while implementing the steps; feel free to contact Yahoo Customer Support for instant help. The tech experts are available round the clock to provide flawless service to the customers.

How to Contact Yahoo Customer Support?

Users can connect with Yahoo experts through the dedicated chat window, community forum, helpline email, and dedicated Yahoo mail customer support number +1-855-789-0253. The support facility is available round the clock for the convenience of the users.