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How to Change Password of Gmail Account


You have lots of pending work, but you can’t access your email as you have forgotten the Gmail Password. Don;t know How to change password of Gmail account.The important emails from stakeholders must be waiting for you, and you are worried that deal for which you were preparing for months might not slip from your hands as you have already crossed the deadline.

To protect your account from being hacked or to keep away from cyber threats, you reset your Gmail Password periodically. But, frequent changing of password lead to forgetting Gmail Password. You remember your old password, but the current password has skipped from your mind.

The client is calling you continuously for the final report, but you are helpless and unable to find a way out in this adverse situation. You are struggling hard and attempted many times to get into your account. But, fail to reset my Gmail password

You might be feeling like pulling your hairs? Relax! Don’t carry that black look.

You landed in the right place where you will get whole nine Yards of solutions to reset Gmail password without breaking a sweat. We have created a comprehensive guide on “How to reset your Gmail password.”

You can now use the steps mentioned in the Gmail account password reset guide and regain the access to your account. You just need to validate yourself to restore the access of your account.

How to Reset Google Gmail Account Password?

Gmail Password reset is no more a tough cookie for the technically savvy users. To carry out the methods, they are required to make sure that you have any of these following credentials mentioned below:

  • Recovery Email Address linked to your Gmail account
  • Recovery Phone Number registered to your account
  • Date of registration on Gmail

The user can use any of the credentials mentioned above recover Forgotten Gmail Password

The list questions asked by Google to verify your Gmail Account

To verify that the Gmail Account belongs to you, Google asks some questions while you carry out the steps to reset my Gmail password.

  • Google might ask you to enter your Gmail address or username
  • Google might ask you to enter any old Password that you remember
  • Google might ask you to complete hidden part of your recovery email address to verify it’s you
  • Google might ask you to complete the hidden part of your registered recovery Phone number.
  • Google might also ask the Date that includes the month and year when you created your Gmail account

How to reset your Gmail password with the help of recovery email?

Here are the effective steps that you can use to regain access to your account within no time.

  • Go to Gmail Login Page
  • Enter your username or email address and click on next
  • Then, Click on “Forgot Password” below the login section
  • Google Account Recovery page will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your email address or phone number you use to sign in to Google.
  • Click on “find my account.”
  • After verifying, Google will ask you to enter the last password you remember.
  • Click on “try different question.”
  • Then, type your full recovery email address in the given box and click on “send.”
  • Google will send you a recovery Gmail password link or code in your recovery email address.
  • Open your recovery email in another tab and check if you have received an email from Google.
  • Type your verification code on the Account recovery page or click on the recovery link
  • You will be automatically directed to Gmail recovery password page, where you need to enter a new password.
  • Create a new password and retype to confirm
  • Congratulations! You have successfully reset your Gmail account.

How to reset Gmail account password with the help of a registered mobile number?

Image result for How to reset Gmail account password with the help of a registered mobile number?

To carry out Gmail Password recovery with the help of mobile number, you are required to follow the facile steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Gmail login page
  • Provide your email address or username
  • Hit on the “forgot password” button located below
  • Google Account Recovery page will appear on your computer screen.
  • Enter the last password you remember to verify it’s you. In case you don’t remember to click on “try different question.”
  • Enter your recovery mobile number and click on the send button
  • Check your phone, verification code might have landed in your inbox.
  • Enter the verification code and hit on continue button
  • You will land on the Gmail password recovery page
  • Enter a new password and re-enter the password to confirm
  • Hurry! Your Gmail Password has been successfully reset.

In case, you have lost access to your recovery email address and mobile number; you can try resetting your Gmail password by answering the security question asked by Google.

  • Direct to the Gmail Login page by typing Gmail.com in your browser address bar
  • Type your email address or username, whose Gmail password you wish to reset
  • Hit on the “forgot password” button on the login page
  • Google Account Recovery page will flash on your computer screen
  • You will be asked to fill the last password you remember. If you remember any last password, enter it in the box mentioned or else click on “try a different question.”
  • The screen will show, which will ask to enter “recovery email address or mobile number.” As you don’t have access to these credentials, so hit “try a different question.”
  • Answer the security question asked by Google
  • Then, hit on continue button
  • Account help page will appear on the screen. In order to reset your Gmail password, you are required to provide an alternative email address you can check now.
  • Type the email address and click on the continue button
  • Google will send a verification code to that email address
  • Open the email in the other tab to extract the verification code
  • Enter the six-digit verification code sent by Google in the box
  • Now, type a strong password which cannot be easily guessed by anyone.
  • Retype the password and hit the confirm button

Once you have successfully recovered your Gmail account, manage your security settings, and update its recovery email or phone number if required. Remember, don’t ever share your password. Moreover, if you fail to implement steps mentioned in the “how to reset your Gmail password”; we suggest you to contact the Gmail Customer Support +1-855-789-0253 through its dedicated helpline number.

Recovering Forgotten Gmail Password is no more an Enigma!