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Canon printer default password


Are you still using the default admin password for your Canon printer? If yes; then let us tell you that having default password on Canon wireless printer might lead to unauthorized access. So, it is highly recommended to change the Canon printer default password.

Those who are not aware of their default admin password for Canon printer can search it on the official website of Canon based on their product model. If the user owns iB4020 as their printer model, then their default administrator password would be “canon.” However, those who have iB4120, their product serial number are preset as their default administrator password.

We have brought for you a comprehensive guide that let you change the default admin password for your Canon printer without any trouble.

How to change the Canon printer default password?

Please note that the default password is set at the time of purchase. The user is required to change the password in order to avoid a security breach. Before going ahead with the steps, you are required to “Display printer status on the web browser.” For that, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

User can check the printer status and make the changes to the printer settings through the web browser from the device of your preference, including smartphone, tablet, or computer. In order to check the status of the Canon printer and change the default settings, you are required to display “Remote UI.”

1. Turn on your printer to start the status checking process

2. Go ahead and check the printer’s IP address. You are required to follow the below-mentioned steps to check the IP address.

  • First of all, continuously press the Wi-Fi button without leaving the button until the Wi-Fi lamp flashes.
  • Then, press the color button.
  • Again press the Wi-Fi button twice
  • Further, press the Color button
  • The printer will automatically start printing the network setting information.
  • Check “IPv4 IP Address” on the printed list.

3. Open the web browser of your preference on your preferred device, including, smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Further, enter the IP address printed on the network setting information page. You are required to enter the IP in the address bar as “http:// IP address.”
  • You will find “Remote UI” on the screen.

Please note if you are opening Remote UI for the first time, we suggest you choosing secure communication. So, we recommend you to download the root certificate, and then register it.

  • The password authentication screen appears.
  • Enter the password and wait for the password authentication.
  • Here you can check the printer status and change printer settings.
  • Now, select Log out and close the browser.

From here, you can proceed with the process of changing the default administrator password.

  • Select Security.
  • Further, choose Administrator password setting.
  • Now, choose Change administrator password.

Note – If your administrator password is not set, registration confirming message might appear on the screen. Here you are required to select “OK.”

  • Choose from the option where the administrator password is valid. Usually, Remote UI is used.
  • Further, select, OK.
  • Enter the administrator password and enter the new password
  • Select Ok. You would see a completion message.
  • Again, select Ok

Hope you found this guide helpful and you were able to reset admin password for Canon printer with the help of the steps mentioned above. In case, you have earlier changed the Canon printer default password and forgotten the newly created password; you can use the steps mentioned below to reset Canon printer password.

Ways to reset Canon printer password.

  • Press the Settings/Setup button.
  • You will see the setup menu appearing on the screen.
  • Further, press and hold the right arrow until device settings appear.
  • Then, select, Ok.
  • Again press and hold the right arrow until reset setting appears
  • Then, select, Ok.
  • Further, press and hold the right arrow until all data appears.
  • Again, Select ok
  • Press the left arrow to select yes.
  • Select OK.

The guides mentioned above are easy to implement and doesn’t require any expert assistance. For updates and content like this, keep reading “HowFixErrors?”

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