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Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings

If you are facing any problem while using your Canon printer, a quick reset is all you need. Sometimes resetting your printer can solve all the issues and errors. It restores the factory settings for a new start. Go through to this comprehensive guide to understand how to reset Canon Printer to factory settings.

If you want your printer to come back to factory default settings, you need to perform a hard reset on your printer. If you are struggling with the continuous printing error, then a hard reset is the solution for your problem. For hard reset of a printer, you need to reset the ink levels, run a power cycle, or run a hard reset. Resetting helps in removing any error code from the printer. You can perform the reset with ink cartridges if needed.

Canon printer has an in-built software that discovers the level of ink in the printer. This software indicates the printer to stop working when the ink level is low. After replacing an old ink cartridge or refilling an ink cartridge, your Canon printer needs to be reset. You can reset your printer manually without any ado.

Follow the steps for Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings

Step 1: Firstly turn the power off of your Canon printer.

Step 2: Press and hold the “stop” button until the alarm starts.

Step 3: Now hold the “start” button for 2 seconds. Do this while holding the stop button.

Step 4: Release the start button after alarm flashes for 19 times and keep holding the stop button.

Step 5: Press the stop button five times consistently.

Step 6: This will restore the Canon printer to factory settings.

Step 7: Now uninstall your printer from the laptop. Re-install it to experience the functioning of the Canon printer in a better way.

Your Canon printer is reset to factory settings.

How to reset Canon Pixma Printer MG2570?

Canon Pixma Printer MG2570 is an affordable all-in-one printer. It performs all the tasks like printing, scanning, and copying. But you can find some error codes on the printer. These errors can be overridden by merely performing the Canon Pixma Printer MG2570 reset.

Carry out the below steps for how to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings.

Step 1: Firstly make sure that your printer must be in a full mode. The LCD display of the printer will display the message “The Ink Absorber is almost full”.

Step 2: When these words are already shown in the printer, do not start the reset process immediately.

Step 3: Your Canon printer must be in a “Service Mode” to perform reset. Turn on the printer and it will show an error 1700. Ensure it is in a service mode.

Step 4: Press the power button to turn off the printer. The Power cable must not be unplugged.

Step 5: Press and hold the RESET/ STOP button, then press the POWER button. Means two buttons are pressed simultaneously.

Step 6: Keep pressing the power button but release the stop/ reset button.

Step 7: While the power button is still pressed, press the reset/ stop button at least five times.

Step 8: Release both the buttons simultaneously. Now your Canon Pixma Printer is in service mode. Ensure lights are not lit.

Step 9: Your system will recognize new hardware. Disregard it.

Step 10: That’s how you reset the Canon Pixma Printer.

Moreover, you can get in touch with the help desk of Canon Printer support +1-855-789-0253 for hand to hand solution of your problem at your doorstep. They will come to your home to assist you with any query related to the Canon Printer. You can also call them to know all the instructions on how to reset Canon Pixma Printer and perform the steps while listening to the guidelines given by the agents.

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