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How to Fix Paper Jam in Canon Printer


No matter how advanced your printer is, but one piece of paper can bring a halt to all the on-going work. When working with any printer, it is unavoidable that you will encounter a paper jam. This is the elaborated guide for removing paper that has been stuck in one or more locations. Due to the simple designs of the modern printers, it is quite easy for you to fix the paper jam in the Canon printer. Just make slight adjustments, and Canon printer paper jam error will be removed.

This is one of the most frequently occurring problems. Sometimes clearing paper jam can be very irritating.

How to Remove Paper Jam from Canon Printer?

Sometimes the jammed paper tears, and it remains inside the machine. In that case, it gets challenging for you to remove the paper either from the transport unit or from the paper output slot. Try all the below-stated methods for how to remove paper jam from Canon printer.

Solution 1: Check under FINE cartridge holder

Follow the below instructions to remove the paper jam inside the printer.

Step 1: Unplug the printer after turning it off.

Step 2: Open paper output cover. If there is any paper in the cassette, remove it.

Step 3: Do not touch the clear film. If you scratch it by rubbing with your hand or paper, it could damage the Canon printer.

Step 4: Check whether the stuck paper is under FINE cartridge holder. Carry out this step to understand how to fix paper jam in Canon printer.

Step 5: Slide the FINE cartridge holder to the far left or right (depending on, where it is easy to remove the paper) if the torn or jammed paper is under FINE cartridge holder.

Step 6: Hold the top of the FINE cartridge holder to move it to the far left or right.

Step 7: Firmly hold the jammed papers in both hands.

Step 8: Pull out the paper, if it is rolled up.

Step 9: Try to slowly and carefully take out the paper, so it does not get tear. While pulling it out, if paper tears, it will remain inside the printer. Remove the remaining paper by checking-

Step 10: Under the FINE cartridge holder

Step 11: Any residue left in the Canon printer

Step 12: If paper left in the right and left empty spaces in the machine.

Step 13: Ensure that all the jammed and torn paper is removed.

Step 14: Close the paper output cover and reload paper.

Step 15: While reloading paper, ensure you are using suitable paper. Reload the paper correctly.

Step 16: All the printing jobs will be canceled. Redo printing.

If still, you get the message of Canon printer paper jam, it might be possible that bits of paper are left inside the printer. Again check the printer to clear all the residue of paper.

Solution 2: Remove jammed paper in the loading tray

Follow the upcoming steps for how to fix paper jam in Canon printer?, remove the residues of paper from the loading tray.

Step 1: From the loading tray, remove any loose paper.

Step 2: Tap on the resume button on the front of the Canon printer.

Step 3: If the paper jam is removed, stop here, otherwise continue with the steps.

Step 4: Remove stuck paper one at a time.

Step 5: Look for any remaining bits of paper.

If it does not solve the issue, proceed further. Implement these steps to know how to remove jammed paper from a Canon printer.

Solution 3: Remove the jammed paper from the rear of the printer

If your paper is not removed from the loading tray, clear the paper jam from the back of the printer. You can do this either from a two-sided printing accessory and a rear access door.

1. By removing a rear access panel

Step 1: Locate the access tab or knob on the panel itself or on the back of the printer. If there is a knob, move it to the unlocked position.

Step 2: Remove the panel and pull out jammed paper carefully.

Step 3: Clear all small bits of paper, if there is any.

Step 4: Replace the rear panel and secure it.

2. By removing two-sided printing accessory

Step 1: Press both release button at the same time located on either end of the module and remove the module

Step 1: Take out the Canon printer paper that is jammed, carefully after removing the panel.

Step 2: Clear small bits of paper.

Step 3: Put module back on and snap it into place.

Step 4: Continue if the problem is still not solved.

Step 5: Open the door by pressing the button on top of the module

Step 6: Pull out jammed paper after removing the panel.

Step 7: Close the rear module door.

Step 8: Continue to the next section if the issue is not resolved.

Solution 4: Pull out the paper from under the front cover

If a jammed paper error is still not fixed, try to remove it by pulling out the paper from under the printer’s front cover. This step should be done slowly and carefully. Generally, you don’t need to carry out this step as this is the last option to try.

Ensure the print carriage can move freely

Once all the paper bits have removed, make sure that print carriage can move freely, test your printer.

Step 1: Disconnect the printer from the power cord.

Step 2: Check if the carriage can move freely to the right side. Do not force, if it is stuck.

Step 3: Remove the ink cartridges carefully.

Step 4: Rotate the rollers for three full rotations toward the top of the printer.

Step 5: Eliminate the paper residues if any.

Step 6: Replace the ink cartridge.

Step 7: Turn on your Canon printer after plugging in the power cord.

If your printer is still showing the error message and your are still don’t know how to fix paper jam in Canon printer then contact the Canon printer customer support +1-855-789-0253 for the prompt solution of the Canon printer paper jam.

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