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Canon Printer error B200


Canon is one of the leading brands of printers in India. Canon printers are known for its excellent printing quality with an amazing speed. Explore a wide range of printers with the Canon printers. Canon printers are famous worldwide for their easy troubleshooting. There are many error codes that users may face while using Canon Pixma printers.Canon printer error b200 is among one of the most common errors.Troubleshooting process of this error is quite easy and simple.Troubleshooting the error b200 is different for different models as these printers come with either two or 4+ cartridges.

Causes of Error b200

  • Overheating of the printer head
  • Resistor influence on the motherboard
  • Faulty print head

In this error code, the cartridge of the printer may face various issues like alignment, clogging, storage, refilling or replacing, etc.

How to fix the Canon Pixma Printer Error b200?

Error b200 needs to be fixed immediately as this can hamper the smooth functioning of the printer.

Troubleshooting two cartridges printer.

Perform these forthcoming steps to troubleshoot the Canon Pixma MG5320 printer error b200 in printers with two cartridges.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to turn off the printer. The cartridge cradle gets stranded in this error. That’s why restarting the printer will remove the error message and will rectify the error b200.

Step 2: Turn on the printer to move further.

Step 3: This error will not indicate the problematic cartridge. So you should have a rough idea about the last replaced printer. Try to find the problematic cartridge and remove that cartridge carefully from the slot.

Step 4: If you are troubleshooting this error code in two cartridge Canon printer, you have to replace the problematic printer as the print-head is the part of the cartridge. Replace the cartridge with the new one for the correct functioning of the printer.

Step 5: Check the nozzle and perform the cleaning cycle. After this, determine whether the issue is resolved or not. If it still persists, that means the problematic cartridge is still in the printer. Now replace another cartridge with the new one.

Step 6: As the Canon Pixma printer has two cartridges, so the problem will be definitely with the second cartridge. Remove that one and replace it with the new cartridge.

Canon printer error b200 is resolved successfully bringing back your printer to the normal condition.

Troubleshooting 4+ cartridge printer

There are some printers which come with 4+ cartridges. Follow these below steps for how to fix Canon printer error b200 in the Pixma printer.

Step 1: Open the top lid of the printer. Cartridge cradle will automatically lift to get removed. Remove all the cartridges to troubleshoot the Canon Pixma MG 5220 printer error code b200.

Step 2: Orange/ grey liver is located beside the cartridge cradle. Lift that liver to the print-head. After lifting the lever, gently remove the print-head from the printer.

Step 3: In the next step, re-insert the print-head in the printer and ensure that you have locked the lever.

Step 4: Now insert back all the cartridges at the right place in the printer. Make sure that you have not left any open door.

Step 5: After the closure of all the doors, your printer is ready to use with the access to the print-head and all the cartridges.

Step 6: Unplug the printer cord from the wall outlet. Keep it unplugged for at least five minutes.

Step 7: This will cool down the printer.

Step 8: Perform a cleaning cycle and do the extensive nozzle check.

Step 9: Now re-plug the cord of the printer in the socket. Check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Step 10: Check the printer by taking a test print out.

This comprehensive guide will help you to override the Canon printer error b200. If your printer is still not working after performing these steps, get in touch with the experts of the Canon Printer support number +1-855-789-0253 for the prompt solution.

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