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Canon Printer Error 5100


Canon printers are among the most reliable line of printers among users. These printers are loaded with lots of features to make the printing very easy for the people. But after all, this is also a machine and problem can arise to any device. Canon Printer error 5100 is a part of this kind of problems.

Error 5100 is a prevalent problem and can easily be resolved with this useful guide. This problem will put all your work on halt, making you frustrated and irritated. A message will pop up on the display screen of the printer showing an error 5100 message. Whenever this error occurs, the error lamp and power lamp start to blink simultaneously.

Reasons for the appearance of Canon printer error 5100

Paper jam inside the printer

Wrong installation of the ink tank

Dust in the carriage head

Sometimes printer needs to be reset

Printer head has a blockage and can’t move properly due to protective material

Problem with the ink carriage.

These are the certain reasons that your Canon printer is showing the error 5100 message.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100?

You can fix this problem simply by resetting your printer. Resetting your printer does all the solution, but sometimes you need to perform certain steps to solve the issue. You must clean all the parts of a machine to overcome this issue.

Remove the protective material

Step 1: Turn off the printer and remove its plug from the wall outlet.

Step 2: Open the top of the printer.

Step 3: Find out protective material and remove it.

Step 4: Close the cover.

Step 5: Turn on the printer.

Check if the Canon MX310 Printer Error 5100 is resolved or not. Remove paper jam

Step 1: Turn off the printer again if you still have the issue.

Step 2: Then open it and discover the paper jam.

Step 3: This is a very common reason for this reason. Paper gets stuck in the printer while printing something.

Step 4: You will see some torn pieces of paper along the usual route of the paper.

Step 5: Also check, if there any other small bits are present like a staple pin or a piece of paper.

Step 6: If you find anything like that, remove that gently.

Clean the thin plastic strips

Step 1: Detect the thin white plastic strip that is running across the below and in front of the drive belt. This strip is transparent.

Step 2: There will be the black vertical line on the strip.

Step 3: If this strip gets dirty with any dreg or dirt, you will encounter Canon MX452 Printer Error 5100.

Step 4: Clean this strip gently with clean lint-free cloth or tissue.

Use lubricant

Step 1: This is also called the purge mechanism. A purge cap is located inside the Canon printer that may need to get lubricated.

Step 2: Apply some white grease to lubricate the sliders.

Step 3: Do not apply white grease on the black caps or small wipers.

Step 4: Remove the right panel of the printer to get access to the purge mechanism.

Reset the ink cartridge

Sometimes the ink cartridge of the printer is not installed correctly and this can be the reason for error 5100. This can cause interruption the functioning of the printer. In that case, you need to reset the ink cartridge of the printer with these following step.

Step 1: Turn off the Canon printer.

Step 2: Take out all ink cartridges from the printer if you want for how to fix Canon Printer error 5100.

Step 3: Clean all the cartridges with the canned air and filtered air blower.

Step 4: However, this must be done with the help of technicians as this requires technical expertise.

Step 5: Install the ink cartridge carefully in the printer.

Reset the Canon printer

Reset of the printer must be done after every few days to prevent any kind of hassle. Sometimes only turning off and on the printer can solve the issue. Sometimes it stops functioning properly after the heavy work, then reset is the best solution.

Step 1: Unplug the power cord of the printer after turning it off.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button.

Step 3: Restore power.

Step 4: Keep pressing the power button and push the resume button twice.

Step 5: Now release the power button and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

This guide has all the probable solutions of the Canon Printer MX472 Error Code 5100. If you are still struggling with the same Canon Printer error 5100 problem after applying these methods, then contact the Canon customer support +1-855-789-0253 for the help.

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