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Are you thinking of how to check ink levels on Canon printer? If yes, then you are in the right place. This comprehensive guide will explain you step by step that how you can check the level of remaining ink in your printer.

Before knowing how to check ink levels on Canon printer, firstly let us understand why it is important to check ink levels on the printer from time to time. For everyday business activities such as printing letters, reports, printers have become a vital part of our life nowadays. Canon printers are user-friendly, which make printing at home very easy by using easy-photo-print software. You need to check ink levels if your prints start looking blurry, unclear and, faint. These are signs which indicate that your Canon printer is low on ink. You have to examine ink levels to check whether you need new cartridges or need.

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Steps for How to Check Ink Levels on Canon Printer

Canon printer uses a multi-nozzle print engine that emits microscopic and consistent ink droplets. Have suitable USB connectivity and Mac and PC compatibility. When you run a small business, you keep an eye on all the little things also. Same is the case in the printer, keep looking at the ink levels of your printer, so it does not fall short. Visit the control panel of your system to access this software. Bring out these upcoming steps to know how to override printer ink levels Canon.

Step 1: Turn on your system and sign-in. Perform a click on the “Start” placed at the lower-left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Choose control panel present on the right of the menu that appears.

Step 3: Click on the icon of “Devices and Printers” to move further.

Step 4: Press the “Hardware and Sound” option, based on the configuration of your printer.

Click Hardware

Step 5: Based on the operating system you are using, click on the “Device and Printer” option.

Device and Printers

Step 6: Detect the icon of the Canon printer model you are using. Open it by clicking on it.

Canon device and printers

Step 7: Tap on the “Printers” menu. Select “Properties” by scrolling the drop-down menu.

Select Canon printer properties

Step 8: Select “Maintenance” tab and press the button of “View Printer Status.” This will open the toner level menu.

View Printer Status

Step 9: Canon printer uses two different symbols to communicate toner levels. This is the most important step of how to check my printer ink level canon.

» “!” – This symbol implies the empty toner cartridge that needs to be replaced at the earliest.

» “x” – This symbol means that the present cartridge is dry, and it needs to be changed soon.

Step 10: If needed, click on the option of “Ink details,” you will be shown every information related to present ink.

While checking the ink level, keep in mind that your system and printer must be connected.

What to do when printer ink is low

In most of the cases, when the error message is shown “ink level is low,” this is just the estimate. When you see this error message, remove the cartridge from the printer and move it by the side. This will flow the ink residue downwards for the use. By doing this, you can get more prints before the ink is completely finished. A poor print quality indicates a low level of ink.

Once the ink is completely exhausted, you can replace the ink cartridge with the new one.

Follow this guide step-by-step to know how to check ink levels on Canon printer. Get in touch with the Canon printer customer support +1-855-789-0253 for the prompt solution. They are ready to help you 24/7.

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