6 Most Ridiculous Windows Errors of All Time

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It is a known fact that computers and humans are very different. When it comes to computers, human beings have a love and hate approach towards it. Though computers are very quick in processing information, they too face trouble if they try to move away from their daily routine. On the other hand, human beings cannot think or process as fast as human beings but can adapt to more quickly or easily.

Due to these confusing combinations and relations, some amateur users have failed to understand the basics of using Windows. As a result, they get confused when they receive error messages. These errors generally pop up, when a computer runs into an unexpected scenario.

You can look at some of the silliest and ridiculous error messages that you can come across while using windows.

The Internet Has More Users Than Just You

Any individual who uses the internet is aware of the fact that most of the online activities do not remain hidden. In spite of it, internet explorer points it out with an error message. You can notice this error on a new IE installation when you search Google or Bing for the first time. It mentions that whenever you put something online, it remains exposed to be seen by other users.

Windows Error Reporting Will Report an Error

While using Windows, if any program crashes down, you will be asked to submit an error report. In such a scenario, it will seem that Microsoft is searching for a solution to your problem. But have you ever thought what will happen if that error report shows an error? In such a case, Windows will remind you if it comes up with a solution.

This Might Take A While

Whenever you copy some files, you are informed about an estimated time the transfer will take by windows through a dialogue box. At times, it might not tell the accurate time and comes up with this error message.

False Alarm

There are several error messages in the world showcasing actual errors. This message, however, puts you in tension for nothing. People usually notice the Error header, accompanied by the big red X, and misjudges it as an error. But the reality is quite different. It is just a reminder that everything was successful.

Cannot Delete a File, Please Delete Files

It is common to notice errors while deleting a file but this type of error is quite strange and can raise a question in people’s minds. If you try to delete a file, Windows might get back at you by instructing you to clear disk space by deleting other files.

We’re Going to Need a Longer Password

We all know that a longer password is more secure than a shorter one, but this will surprise you. Some Windows users found that the OS wouldn’t accept a password that has less than 18,770 characters. One Reddit user estimated that an average typer would take about 45 minutes to type so many characters.

If you have any questions regarding any of these errors or come across such errors, you can contact Windows support and take their assistance.

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