5 Ways the iPhone Changed Our Lives

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Many years ago, Nokia was the world leader in the phone industry. Microsoft was about to launch Windows Vista. There was no existence of Android phones and high-level businessmen and executives were addicted to their BlackBerrys.

Ten years later, on Jan 9, 2007, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, revealed a device that changed the lives of people. He introduced – a $499 iPhone that had 4GB of storage. The phone came with a music player and an Internet device. This invention of Steve Jobs went on to change the world. The mobile phone went on sale from June 29, 2007. In the beginning years, the iPhone was a luxury item. But 5 years later, it had made an entry into our daily lives, from schools, factories and boardrooms. Today, having an iPhone is no more a status and serves many purposes. It is used by doctors to diagnose patients, governments to improve services, construction workers to read blueprints and parents to engage their kids in restaurants.

Here are five ways the iPhone has made a mark on the world.

Constantly Connected

Before the emergence of smartphones, connectivity meant talking over the one or sending an email. Today, we can remain connected 24*7 with our friends and family; thanks to the discovery of the smartphone. The rise of the iPhone also helps us to use public Wi-Fi which is now available in most airports, shopping centers, and even hospitals.

Information Right at Your Fingertips

With the click of a button, we get all the information about the world. From checking your bank balance to the best pub in town, everything is available at our fingertips. iPhone has changed our lives. We don’t need to scroll through the pages of a book or log into a computer anymore, to search for something.

Everyone’s a shutterbug

There were cameras on our phones before the iPhone. But no one had the easy access to the internet that they got with the iPhone and there were no apps like Instagram that stirred the interest of people in photography. With the emergence of the iPhone, the use of the actual camera became redundant.

Gaming goes to the next level

The iPhone has taken the idea of mobile gaming to the next level. Individuals of all age started playing games like Angry Birds, that was quite user-friendly and anyone could play using their fingers on the touchscreen. There were many free games available on the phone and developers introduced the idea of applications that were available on purchase and one had to pay for any upgrades.

Cash ain’t king

With the emergence of smartphones, the importance of cash no longer remained the same. People used their phones to make payments, purchase goods online, etc. They could also store coupons and reward points and passes for movies in iPhone’s Wallet app. There was no doubt that the iPhone truly changed our lives.

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